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It’s Spring – A Great Time For A Change!

It’s Spring – A Great Time For A Change!

Words by Inspired Spaces

Spring is upon us and as the days get warmer it’s the perfect time to shake up your interiors and have a clear out.  Create a dynamic clash in your interiors mixing old pieces with modern for an interesting look.

Take what you’ve already got and add something new – be daring, and exciting.

With a few small changes, you can have a refreshed home and wake up feeling energised and positive.

Here are a few tips on creating a spring atmosphere in your home!

Add Spring Florals

Surround yourself with flowers. Bring out floral patterns on pillowcases, throws and curtains. Mix these prints in with pale neutral colours.  This will bring a hint of sunshine to the room without being overpowering.

Spring Bedroom Makeover

Don’t be afraid to mix neon pop prints with bright patterns in the bedroom . Test out different themes such as safari, tropical or floral. Be brave go bold!

Otherwise you could try out soft pastels with delicately patterned fabrics.

Fresh plants

Interior designers love the chance to refresh the rooms of their home and bring a little of the outside into the house. Live inside your own secret garden with an array of new spring plants.

Consider palms and philodendrons as well as potted flowers and fresh cut bouquets. Nothing says ‘Spring time’ like a beautiful big centre piece of freshly cut, colourful florals.


If you want more of a makeover, spring is the best time to start new and painting can be the first step.

Pick a nice neutral or even a white to brighten and lighten up the house. Enjoy the simplicity it creates with that crisp clean feel.

If you want to add a splash of colour now is time to experiment with a favourite shade – maybe a pale violet, duck egg blue or a mint green.

Go Natural

Think about introducing natural materials like straw, wicker, and twine, into your home. Add natural bowels like a wicker basket with beautiful twigs and dried flowers.  Big beautiful Jute rugs or a couple of wicker occasional chairs.

Clear Out The Clutter

Clutter control is essential too – make sure your house is clean, clear and ready to go.  Start afresh with no mess!

Clean Up Outdoors

Soon most days will be spent outdoors so attend to your garden. Add in some comfortable seating and maybe try a new water feature.  Scatter a few big pots with pretty, colourful plants or even put up some fairy lights.

Sweet Scents Of Spring

Add fresh spring smells to your home with lovely scented candles or diffuse some fresh smelling essential oils.  Think about jasmine or wild Orange, or try new scents like guava or lychee sorbet.

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