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Mancave – How To Create The Perfect One

Mancave – How To Create The Perfect One

Words by Inspired Spaces

Are you dreaming of having your own mancave, your own at-home retreat where you can kick back and relax?  Pondering over how it would look?  Would you fill it with sports memorabilia, a bar, an outback theme or maybe you would prefer something more modern and sophisticated?

Well look no further! Here we give you some tips and tricks to help create your ultimate mancave.

First things first – Location

Now that you have decided to create your very own chill-out space you need to choose (and agree on) where it will be.  And this will depend on where you can get extra space in your house.  You may be lucky enough to have an old unused storage shed or garage which you can transform, but if not then a spare bedroom or an unused room in your home are great options.

Wherever you choose it is important to achieve a feeling of privacy.  But also consider some basic requirements such as electricity, TV and internet connection points.  If it is possible, adding some additional soundproofing to the room is an extra bonus.  Who doesn’t love watching a movie with loud surround sound turned on to maximise and enhance the experience.

How should it look?

Every successful and outstanding mancave will have a particular theme that works cohesively with the style of the furniture, flooring, lighting and colour of the walls.  It’s important to reflect your own personality, interests and hobbies while making sure that everything stays unified.  So choose a style and stick with it.

Most decorative items that are a no go for the living room or master bedroom will give your mancave character and style.  The décor in there should be a reflection of you.  So if you’re a collector, for example, choosing a Collector theme would be a great way to have your treasures on display.  If sporting is your thing then sports trophies and memorabilia will be fantastic additions to your space.  Old signs and posters will look great and can give a vintage feel to your room on any topic or subject.

There are numerous other mancave theme ideas such as motorbikes, cars, movies, music, casino or of course a good old ‘Aussie bar theme.  Or maybe you would prefer to have more of a paired back look with a Classic Gentleman theme?

It really does depend on your interests.  But the trick is to create a space that makes you feel great and will get you excited about spending time in there.

Entertainment and furnishings

These days a modern mancave is so much more than just a place to watch footy, drink beer and eat pizza with the boys.  Of course, having a huge flat-screen tv for those nights and for movies or gaming is a must.

The tv and a music system are generally the focal points of any mancave.  But also think about what other things you enjoy doing.

Maybe you might like to have a dartboard or pool table for added entertainment. Or what about a poker table or even a vintage pinball machine to add character to your space as well as some fun.

Your mancave should be well furnished and accessorised to ensure it is livable and comfortable space.

No mancave should ever have uncomfortable furniture.

Obviously, a big, comfy lounge is essential.  Add a recliner or two to make sure that there is plenty of room for you and your mates to enjoy the game or a movie.  A suitable coffee table along with a side table will provide ample space for your beer and snacks.  And if there’s a room you could consider a small fridge to keep the drinks nice and chilled, or even go the whole hog and install a bar.

Give your space a robust and masculine feel by incorporating materials such as leather and rough wood with metal fittings, for example.  Dark colours and textures work well to create a more ’manly’ room.

Lighting is not often thought about but is an important factor when creating a space with great vibes and ambience.

Think about lamps and dimmer lights.  Bright ceiling lights can be too bright and will ruin a great atmosphere.

Maybe you could create a small area dedicated to work related tasks and style with a desk, a laptop,  a lamp and some shelving with storage.

Do you enjoy a bit of physical activity to keep you strong and fit?  Consider reserving some space for equipment such as dumbbells, running machine or a bench press.

Whatever your style or interests, having your own space to enjoy your hobbies and chill out with friends is becoming more of an essential part of modern day living and no longer just a luxury.

Have fun creating it and enjoy your mancave!

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