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Modern Eco Ranch Style

Modern Eco Ranch Style

Words by Inspired Spaces

Modern Eco Ranch Style!  This was the design style given to Channel Seven’s ‘House Rules’ contestants this week as part of their brief.

The House Rules: Create a modern eco ranch; to embrace texture, up-cycling and wood; be soft and subtle; think inside-out with the bathroom; and, bring the rainforest into the master.

We break down what this means and how you can create this style in your home.

Ranch style homes originated and are most commonly found in the USA.  Popular between the 1930’s and 1970’s this style is now making a cool comeback.

When we think of a good old Aussie homestead we think of a rural lifestyle.  Where the nearest neighbour can’t be seen and the rain water tanks are between the house and the sheds. It’s all about making the most of the land.

Ranches generally have sleek lines and a ‘no-frills’ architectural approach both inside and out. Informality, simplicity and efficiency are all trademarks of a ranch style house design.

They have a simple, open-plan layout which makes it easy to transition between spaces.  Easy access to the outside is a must.  Big windows make the most of beautiful views and help bring the outside in.

Mixing Old-Age Ranch Spirit With A Modern Look

It’s easy to blend these two together to create a stunning modern style ranch.  Consider the following suggestions:-

Upcycle vintage items – an old dresser into a bathroom cabinet with a sink, for example.

Use warm, natural elements to give a rustic feel – think timbers and stone.

Mix with different textures and a neutral colour palette to keep things modern and fresh.

Wood paneling will add a beautiful detail, you can use this on walls or even the ceiling.

Add simple, clean lines with contemporary lighting and some furniture choices.

Embrace what’s been there since the home was built but give it a modern twist.

Don’t be afraid of a bit of eclecticism.

What About The Eco Part Of The Brief?

Eco homes are all about sustainability, self-sufficiency and minimising environmental impact.
To live a more greener life, you could consider the following:-

Install solar power and extra water tanks.

Growing your own veggies.

Create a compost for your food scraps, and maybe invest in some chickens too?

Recycling, of course.

Source local materials where possible for renovations.

Having an open-plan living with easy outdoor access and big windows will maximise cross-breezes and limit the need for aircon.

To Close…

Remember that ranch style homes were made to utilize the land they were on.  So when making decisions, be sure that whatever you choose will not distract from the main focus – the outside.  Simple lines and colours will blend and complement.

Taking into consideration all of the above will no doubt provide you with a stunning blend of Modern Eco Ranch Style for your home.  Have fun and enjoy!

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