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Neutral Colours Work With Many Styles

Neutral Colours Work With Many Styles

Words by Inspired Spaces

Neutral colours are universal, they work with anything.  It’s time to take a step back from the assumption that bolder is better!

Gone are the days that choosing neutral tones for your house is thought of as a bland and boring choice. There are many reasons why neutral colours are seen in so many homes today.

Neutral Colours Make A Room Look Larger

Aside from making a room to seem larger, more airy, clean and welcoming, a neutral scheme can literally work with any style!

Whether you are modern, traditional, eclectic, or love rustic country charm— a neutral backdrop is ideal for you.

Add Pops Of Colour To A Neutral Palette

This neutral backdrop then allows you to add pops of colour and interest in the rest of your house giving you freedom to experiment with your own personal style and design choices.

Don’t think a neutral scheme won’t make your Interior unique. A neutral scheme will always leave you with endless possibilities to add contrast to a space in other ways.

Classic Neutral Scheme

You never run the risk of getting tired of a classic neutral scheme.

Painting a room in a bold colour can be a great idea at first if you love it. But what happens when you eventually get sick of looking at it… Which is bound to happen! People are constantly changing their minds as things go in and out of taste.

Neutrals For Kitchen And Bathroom

This is particularly important when you select colours for your kitchen cupboards or your bathroom benchtop. It can become  expensive when you get tired of and want to replace your once chosen look.

If you intend to makeover your space get some inspirations and tips for your kitchen design and bathroom renovation.

Complement Neutrals With Bold Accessories

The beauty of a natural pallet is if you decide to try something new and want a change all you have to do is add a few inexpensive pillows in a bold colour or a throw.

Saves a lot of time and money if your not having to repaint a whole room!

Recommended Colour Scheme For Selling Houses

A neutral pallet is also great for selling houses as it allows prospective home buyers to envision their own furnishings in the space.

Add Textiles To A Colour Scheme

A neutral interior gives the opportunity to experiment with different textiles adding to the appeal of the space.

Layers in different textiles and shades of the same colour can really add depth and warmth to the space. Textures such as rough wooden elements, metals, shiny tiles, linens, and brushed velvets are so much easier to blend in nicely with a neutral tone then a say a bold wall in orange.

I suggest looking more towards organic materials that are naturally neutral in tone to add another layer of neutral colour palette to your space.

Endless Options Of Neutral Colours

Some may think neutral tones are all the same or just look beige but there is actually a neutral of every colour in every page of the colour atlas!

Every primary colour can produce beautiful neutral colours in varying undertones.

With endless options they’re sure to be a colour that will suit your home perfectly and you’re guaranteed that your colour will never go out of style.

Undertones In Colours

Drop into a paint shop today and see the endless range of options available.

Be aware of underlying tones as you match colours or choose paint. For example, beige might have an undertone of pink or green.

For help with picking colour and more professional advice in decorating contact Inspired Spaces today!

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