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Planning a New Bathroom? Start With the Basin

Planning a New Bathroom? Start With the Basin

Words by Studio Bagno

Creating your dream bathroom, your personal place of solitude and oasis of recuperation, release and relaxation, can ironically be a stressful endeavour.

While renovating a brand new bathroom is no doubt exciting, it is likely rife with varying degrees of hair-pulling. The materials, the space consideration, tap ware, toilet, accessories, vanity or shelf, the tiles and overall colour scheme, it goes on and on..

Then of course, you’re faced with the tyranny of choice that comes from finding the perfect basin to complement what you're starting to move towards. Finding the perfect fit may well become a much-trickier-than-expected afterthought.

Considering this, may we suggest a more efficient approach that may dramatically simplify the myriad of options available to you?

Start with the Basin.

The basin is often the central design feature of your bathroom especially if no bath is present. It sets the stage for the rest of your bathroom both functionally and stylistically due to the importance of it's positioning and the presence of multiple textures and surfaces surrounding it, so in essence, starting with the basin means you'll be creating a 'design template' to inform your choices for the rest of the bathroom.

What type of Basin?

As I'm sure you already know, there are a wide range of possibilities and options to consider when choosing the right Basin for your bathroom, each with their own set of considerations both functionally and aesthetically, so let us quickly dive into the most common basin configurations along with their defining characteristics below to get you started.

Above Counter or Bench Mounted Basins

Above counter basins are mounted atop a bench, vanity or shelf. These are commonly decorative objects and statement pieces as the whole basin is visible.

Wall Hung Basins

Wall-hung basins are a practical solution for your bathroom and are mounted directly to the wall. Typically these basins allow for tap ware mounted directly onto the basin or on the wall, and are an excellent way to save space.

Inset Basins

Inset basins are a classic choice for your bathroom. They sit mostly inside a bench or vanity unit, making it easy to clean. This style of basin allows for both wall hung tapware or a mixer mounted on a bench.

Semi Recessed Basins

Semi Recessed basins are perfect for small bathrooms or whenever you need to limit the amount of space your bench or vanity occupies. They are offset towards the front, meaning the basin requires less counter top to be installed and brings the tap ware closer to you so it's easier to reach.

Undercounter Basins

Undercounter or Undermount basins are perfect when simplicity and practicality are important in your bathroom. They are installed underneath the vanity or counter top with brackets. Another excellent choice for ease of cleaning.

Console Basins

Console basins are a stylish alternative and are characterized by a basin set atop a stand that typically has 2 front legs mounted to a wall. The basin itself is often used to negate the absence of a counter top and they are traditionally open at the base meaning no hidden storage.

Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins are characterized by a single stand that acts as a base to the basin affixed to the top. In these installations, the plumbing is hidden by the stand providing a near seamless aesthetic. They have the classic style of a bygone era and are excellent focal points for bathrooms.

Column Basins

Tall, bold and gorgeous, column basins are excellent centerpieces for your bathroom. Though they lack storage space, this style of basin is minimalistic by nature and are great when you want to make a statement.

What's Next?

Now we have a good idea about what kind of basin is right for you both aesthetically and functionally, let's move onto to creating the rest of our "Bathroom design template".

Consistency in Shape

A sure fire way to tie in elements of your bathroom design is to select bathroom products that are consistent in shape. Is your basin choice curved and organic? Or does it have straight geometric lines? Starting with the basin means that your choice of mirror, toilet, tapware and bath becomes simpler.

Our Nur 60X Plan works in harmony with our Lust Bath and Milady Toilet below, because the curved lines of the products are consistent:

Coloured Ceramic

If you've never thought about Coloured Ceramic before, a fresh bathroom renovation is the perfect time to start! Coloured ceramic can really add flair to your bathroom and with the plethora of contemporary colours available, the possibilities are enormous.

Our Spy 45 Basin in Indigo paired with our Tutto Evo in matte black below, uses a subtle choice of white tiles and understated brushed nickel tap ware to act as a canvas to the bathroom products, bringing focus to the coloured ceramic.

Vanity? Benchtop? Neither?

Choosing the right vanity, shelf or benchtop, or whether you opt to not have one at all, depends on your selection of basin style and the availability of space.

When space is limited, a semi-recessed basin works great if you want to utilize a vanity for storage space. A wall-hung vanity is even better in this situation because it also frees up some floor space.

If space is REALLY limited, then a wall-hung basin with a short projection and some functional space for amenities like our Spy 75 is an excellent choice.

When space is available, a wall hung counter-top with an accompanying floating vanity is an excellent contemporary way to inject style into your bathroom whilst maximizing storage space helping to keep your bathroom looking minimalistic, regardless the amount of self care products you have.

Surfaces, Wall Tiles and Floor

Now that we're getting a handle on the basin setup, its a good idea to start thinking about the types of surfaces, textures and tiles we want in our new bathroom.

Good design brings in multiple elements in a perfect balance, and with the right amount of contrast and striking features you'll really be on your way.

Natural elements like stone and wood textures set against subtle tiling is always a great start. You can also add distinct features to draw attention to your basin setup by adding an interesting feature wall splash back like below:

Metallic Finishes

We can carry on consistency throughout our bathroom design by selecting a style of metallic finish that compliments your basin setup, and continue this through other elements of the bathroom like the basin bottle trap, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, shower shelves and other assorted bathroom accessories.

A good idea is to start with selecting the tap ware that pairs up well with your basin and/or vanity unit and echo this in other metallic fixtures.

A nicely matched metallic finish adds subtle highlights to your entire design, elevating your bathroom aesthetic as a whole.

Don't Forget Functionality!

While it's easy to get carried away with all the design possibilities in a purely aesthetic sense, we want to remind you that a good functioning bathroom is just as important as how it looks.

We've put together a quick list of important considerations from a functionality perspective:

  • If renovating an existing bathroom, remember to consider the position of your water pipes and waste - changing the position of these will be costly so only do so if the benefits are worth it
  • Be sure to leave ample space for leg room when selecting and positioning your toilet.
  • Don't let the door opening and closing get in the way!
  • Products with short projections work best in small bathrooms - See our full small bathroom cheat sheet HERE
  • Consider the amount of storage space you need
  • Make it easier to clean - there are many options to help with this, rimless toilets are a new style of toilet that removes the traditional rim, meaning there are no hard to reach places on your toilet where germs can hide. Leaving space behind your basin installation is also a great way to ensure you get rid of hard to reach build-up.
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