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Protect Your Home & Your Family The Smart Way

Protect Your Home & Your Family The Smart Way

Words by Legrand

It’s easy to see why so many people are adding smart technology into their homes.  Automation technology is becoming ever-more affordable and with the advances in what’s possible, today’s systems are designed to adapt intuitively to our lifestyles.

Today’s smart home systems offer far more than the ability turning things on and off remotely – from energy efficiency to audio-visual functionality, the possibilities to make your home smarter really are endless.


Together with convenience and an enhanced lifestyle, today’s smart home technology delivers piece of mind. With the right smart home security solutions in place, protecting your home, valuables and family has never been easier. With indoor and outdoor connected cameras, easily installed door entry solutions and door and window sensors, all connected to your smart phone – you can keep an eye on what’s precious to you, wherever you are in the world.


And if keeping your home safe wasn’t enough, smart home security is a smart financial move too.

Insurance companies favour smart security systems and monitoring devices because they reduce overall risks, which is why they incentivise homeowners to install them. On average, you can get up to a 20% reduction in your home insurance rates if you install monitored safety devices and smart security systems.

Smart home technology is also a smart Investment. Buyers are willing to pay more for a smart home compared to a non-smart home, so by adding security surveillance to your home, you’ll make it more attractive to increasingly active millennial home buyers.


The Netatmo by Legrand Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, together with door and window sensors, and Legrand’s easy instal, 2-wire door entry kit, form a complete smart home security system that puts the control in your hands.

Smart Indoor Camera (with or without siren)

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera enables you to secure homes and keep families safe with an extensive 130° field of view. Through its integrated facial recognition technology, it recognises the faces of people who come to the door.

It works in conjunction with the free Netatmo Security app that can be downloaded via smartphone or accessed from a web browser. As soon as somebody is detected by the Camera, it gives a notification in real time on a smartphone.

When the Smart Indoor Camera is switched on, it continuously films its environment. However, it only records video clips when it detects something happening.

Smart Outdoor Camera (with or without siren)

Protect homes with the Smart Outdoor Camera which provides ultra-long detection of up to 20m/65ft.  The camera can distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and harmless movements.   Notifications are sent in real-time via smartphone when an unknown person or vehicle is detected on a property.

Images are accessible 24 hours a day from chosen smartphones, including night capture thanks to infrared vision.  Alert-zones can be set up to monitor chosen areas.

The Outdoor Camera has its own built-in smart lighting system. If there is an alert, the floodlight will switch on and can deter intruders. Simply replace an existing light with the Camera and you will have it up and running in under an hour.

Features of the Indoor and Outdoor Cameras include:

  • Subscription-free service with free video storage.
  • They both create the highest quality video with full HD1080p.
  • Superior infrared night vision for clear videos even in total darkness.
  • Unique and pure design with anodized aluminum.  Blends seamlessly into any modern home.
  • The cameras only record when something happens, preventing hours of empty footage.
  • Eight times digital zoom into videos.
  • 100% secured data storage locally on encrypted microSD cards or optional cloud storage on dropbox or FTP.

Door and Window Sensors

The Smart Door and Window Sensors alert to a problem even before a break-in occurs. Installed on the doors and windows of choice, they can tell if someone is trying to force entry.  They also detect when a door or window is opened suddenly and send an immediate notification to a smartphone.

This saves valuable time in the event of a break-in.  Settings in the app can be adjusted so that customers can always keep an eye on their home by configuring Smart Door and Window Sensors to send a smartphone notification if a door or window is kept open too long.

Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors are very easy to install. Simply stick the one-piece waterproof sensors to any type of door or window.

Easy Kit Door Entry System

Legrand’s ready-to-install 2 wire kit includes an internal 7" screen with Wifi capability, IP54 IK07 external panel and power supply. It's perfect for single homes looking for a simple way to get connected.

The kit boasts a metal finish entrance panel with rain shield, colour wide angle camera and LED for the night illumination of the field of view. The external CCTV colour camera can be directly connected to the entrance panel, and thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can associate the video internal unit to the Door Entry Easy Kit App (available for Android and iOS).

You can manage the main video internal unit functions (receiving calls, opening the door lock, view the cameras) via the app. The kit also allows for open integration with Netatmo’s Smart Indoor and Smart Outdoor Cameras.

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