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Psychological Properties Of Colours – Green

Psychological Properties Of Colours – Green

Words by Inspired Spaces

Are you aware of the psychological properties of colours?  Well this week we’re taking a look at the colour green and how it affects us and our behaviors.

THE COLOUR GREEN Being in the centre of the spectrum green is the colour of balance. Green also expresses regrowth and rejuvenation, a sense of moving forward.  

In Interiors, green works perfectly when you want to inspire a crisp and natural atmosphere.

Green is a great colour to use to create a fresh but relaxing feel n your space! How the colour green affects us physically and mentally.  

  • Soothing, and restful on the eye 
  • Relaxing mentally as well as physically c
  • Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety 
  • Offers a deep sense of renewal, self-control and harmony 

Choosing colour green for your interior
In proper amounts, green can be used successfully in almost any room, as an accent wall, on furniture, decorative pillows, rugs, accessories, paintings, lighting, vases. Just by bringing plants into the home you can bring in positive life energy and reconnect with nature.  

It’s not necessary to build your design wall to wall in green just a touch can be enough.  

If you want to use green colour in larger areas, use it for bathrooms, bedrooms and study rooms because it induces an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace, good both for sleep and for intellectual activities.

Soft mint greens are restful and calming, great for baby’s nurseries. If you have a reading nook or library green can work well if you wish to nest yourself away in, giving the feeling of being safe and secure.

Green in combination with cooler shades is perfect for bedrooms

These cooler shades have been shown to help lower blood pressure and heart rates.

An alternative is to opt for curtains and green bedding.

Be aware if you are using greens with blue undertones in a room that receives little natural light it may make the room feel even colder.

Green teams up well with strong and vivid colours, providing a stable backdrop for these colours.

It can work equally as well with soft subtle colours, but can overpower them, so getting the correct balance is important.

Understanding the psychological properties of colours is a great tool.  Now you have some useful tips for green, try putting a few green colour schemes together.  Get daring and creative, you will be surprised how bold you can go when using green as your base colour!

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