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Quadracon's Processes—and People—Positively Impacted by Procore

Quadracon's Processes—and People—Positively Impacted by Procore

Words by Procore Technologies

The Challenge

As Quadracon grew, it mapped out a plan to automate its project management capabilities and provide more support for ISO compliance and audit requirements. It slowly began outgrowing the internal intranet it had built, Q-Share. Quadracon wanted to introduce new benchmarks for productivity, efficiency and quality while reducing the time it took to administrate its quality assurance.

The Solution

Prompted by a recommendation from its WHS guidance partner, Quadracon reviewed Procore and today has implemented Procore Project Management, Field Productivity, Project Financials, Invoice Management, as well as the Correspondence management tool.

“Procore has positively impacted the people and processes at Quadracon,” said David. “Our team supports our vision for automated project management and more effective collaboration. Our auditors love Procore as it helps with our compliance audit trail. And our clients love Procore – they ask to be connected and see it as a point of difference.”

Platform-wise, Procore is a perfect fit for a numbers guy like me. I can see all of the numbers for the business. It has effectively flipped our whole business on its head as it touches virtually all we do. It has even impressed our client base, becoming a point of difference for us.

Reinventing construction collaboration

Quadracon had previously devised its Q-Share intranet based on Dropbox, spreadsheets and document templates. While robust, David described it as “extremely slow and clunky.”

“Our whole quality assurance system was on paper. Everything was printed out, updated by hand, scanned and then saved into the intranet. It was an awfully slow process,” he said.

While the system was easy to use; it only provided 10% of the functionality the Procore platform offers, according to David. All it did was track purchase orders, invoices and some basic documentation.

How Procore helped gain user buy-in

Quadracon rolled out its Procore implementation and change management program initially with David piloting the platform at its most remote site in Far North Queensland. Equipping an old-school subcontractor with an iPad, a 24-hour familiarisation and a follow-up telephone training session saw impressive results. Thousands of on-site photos, site diary entries and documentation were completed and loaded on time, ensuring the site remained compliant – all by someone who had never even used an iPad before.

“This approach proved we could scale on-demand with Procore. All we need is a mobile phone or a tablet, and new team members can be up and running at short notice,” David continued.

From there, David turned off the Dropbox functionality and mandated the use of Procore across the company. New projects were added at the estimation stage and existing projects ran out on the old WorkflowMax system. David’s hands-on experience with Procore helped him respond to staff queries and allowed him to guide them through the more rigorous benchmarks.

Building better business decisions

“The three key reasons we selected Procore are so our internal and external teams work off one system and at a great cost point. The workflow processes now clearly outline due dates, urgent priorities and close off tasks automatically and seamlessly. If I had used our intranet for this, it would have been an expensive venture to set up the right workflows,” David said.

Procore’s transparency is appreciated by the Quadracon auditors, The platform gives them a ‘warts and all’ insight into the practical realities of running a construction firm.

The director’s dashboard also helps David stay across hundreds of projects nationwide. Scrolling through defects lists and staying on top of incidents and remediations now takes hours, solving what used to be an impossible paper-based task.

Preparing for future success

Any site shutdowns and disruptions from COVID-19 saw Quadracon use the available time to continue to roll-out intensive Procore training remotely.

“We ensured we kept everyone in the team. We took the time to have our people complete very sophisticated financial management training to prepare for the post-COVID rush for construction in the aged care sector and beyond. Our metrics reflect great uptake and confidence in Procore internally,” he concluded.

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