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Questions To Ask When Buying A Heated Towel Rail

Questions To Ask When Buying A Heated Towel Rail

Before you dish out the dollars, take a look at the answers to your questions about heated towel rails and rest assured that whichever Bathroom Butler you choose, you will be spending your money wisely.

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Temperatures are rising and so are the heaps of damp towels in the bathroom. You’ve had it. You’re going to buy a heated towel rail. Today.

So you jump online and start browsing the gorgeous design collections and marvel at the beautiful finishes and the myriad sizes.

Questions start to pop up. Before you dish out the dollars, take a look at our answers and rest assured that whichever one you choose, you will be spending your money wisely.

Can a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail be connected to the central heating system?

The short answer is ‘No’. There is a long answer, but unless you’re really into the mechanics of different heating systems, we’re not going to bore you with the complexities.

Just know that we have specifically designed our heated towel rails to be independently heated so that they work all year round according to your needs.

So that’s that then. To help you understand how a heated towel rail fits into your bathroom – or wherever else you want to put it – read up on our quick notes for Installing a Heated Towel Rail.

Can I dry my clothes on a heated towel rail?

Lots of people do this. But lots of people have also learned that it’s not always a good idea. If you hang your Victoria’s Secret silk slip over it, there’s going to be even less of it once it’s dry.

Towels are sturdy things, made of the type of fabric that can withstand higher temperatures. If you’re confident your designer sweatpants can handle the heat, by all means go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Will a heated towel rail warm up my bathroom?

Folks often ask this question as it sounds like a groovy added benefit in winter, but not so much in summer. But nope. Our heated towel rails don’t. You may feel a whiff of warmth as you pass it, but it’s not going to heat up your bathroom. And there are two good reasons for that.

One, we have to adhere to safety standards. If we allowed the heated towel racks to get any warmer, we’d be burning your towels.

Secondly, unlike portable oil-fin heaters that could warm up a small bathroom, our heated towel rails are created to dry your towels while adding a touch of warmth. Nothing more. Nothing less.

NATURAL 7 Bar 800mm heated towel rail with PTSelect Switch (US model shown here - square cover plate)

What material is the best heated towel rails made of?

Years of research in all kinds of damp and dusty environments have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that Grade 304 stainless steel is the best. It will never flake, peel, chip or rust and is really hard to break. Yes, we see you glancing over at that flaked towel ring of yours. Don’t worry, you can replace it with one from our accessories collection. They’re made of the same good stuff.

There’s even some magic involved – this super metal forms a self-healing layer on its surface, so no additional coating is needed, and you clean it simply by wiping it with a warm, damp cloth. Read more about our heated towel rail tech here.

What size heated towel rail do I need?

Well that depends on how many towels you need to dry and the open wall space in your bathroom. The hugely popular Natural 5 bar 500mm, is ideal for small bathrooms, the Natural 7 bar 800mm is perfect for wider spaces, while the Natural 15 bar 430mm, which holds the most towels of all, fits neatly into tall, narrow, spaces. See? You have choices.

Different model heated towel rails for different spaces

Anything else we can help with?

Maybe you have a few more questions? As luck would have it, we’ve probably answered most of them before. Pick and click a link below to satisfy that curiosity, then get shopping.

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