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Remodeling 101 – why you need a heated towel rail

Remodeling 101 – why you need a heated towel rail

We’re talking about environmentally-friendly, smart heated towel rails. Let’s take a look at what that means for your bathroom.

Words by Bathroom Butler

The last few years have seen a continued home-renovation boom among millennials who bought fixer-uppers, and boomers who are investing in remodeling.

Whatever your reason for giving your home a facelift, now would be a good time to consider the effect your outdated and energy-heavy appliances have on the climate, making everywhere drier, hotter, colder or wetter than ever before. We’re talking about environmentally-friendly, smart appliances. Let’s take a look at what that means for your bathroom.

Think you’re smart

Along with the bathroom remodeling trend comes a host of smart home accessories that could make your life so much easier – while saving our planet. Time to rethink repeating the habits of the past, and move on into the future!

Among the smart devices heading for your bathroom are inventions such as a stillness bath, water-monitoring systems, a motion-sensor toilet flush and shower that dispenses just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner. And should we mention a toothbrush that alerts you via an App to go brush your teeth? It’s an example of how smart devices help us stay healthy.

Ready or not, smart home innovations aren’t only good for the environment, they’re the key to safer, healthier living inside and outside the bathroom.

Personal temperature selection on heated towel rails

Each person is uniquely different, with its own personal temperature preference, just like each 24/7 day holds different seasons and climates across the globe. It just makes sense to install a heated towel rail that features a personal temperature selection switch. Besides having it set at your preferred temperature, it’s also good for the environment by consuming less energy when not needed to work at full capacity. What is better than installing an appliance that can be used all year round!

NATURAL 5 Bar 500mm heated towel rail with PTSelect Switch (US model shown here - square cover plate)

So back to that remodeling. If you’re determined – as you should be – to install a heated towel rail, do a little planning ahead of time.

Where are you going to put it? What size heated towel rail do you need? Where will the wiring go? Only once these important steps are mapped out, can you go ahead and replace the walls with mold-resistant natural stone, plumb in the steam shower and install your heated towel rail.

A heated towel rail with a PTSelect switch isn’t only smart because it adjusts the temperature of the heated towel rail to the preference of the user or matches the current season, but fits right in with the trend of building healthy habits into the bathroom.

The non-porous Grade 304 Stainless steel it’s made of is 100% recyclable, won’t rust or chip, and is self-cleaning. No bugs or mold sticks to it and, most importantly, it dries your towels – killing off bacteria – in a matter of hours. All this saves you having to wash them as regularly as you used to, putting money back into your pocket.

A change is as good as a holiday

Remodeling your bathroom into a smart, private sanctuary filled with accessories and appliances that silently work away at manual tasks, may be just the holiday at home you need.

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