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7 Stunning Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

7 Stunning Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

If 2021 is the year your bathroom is going to get a makeover, it's time to get a handle on what's trending in the design field!

Words by Studio Bagno

If 2021 is the year your bathroom is going to get a makeover, it's time to get a handle on what's trending in the design field!

Read on to discover seven fresh design themes that we're seeing shape bathroom interiors this year.

1. Vivid accents are back!

Often known as a "pop", 2021 is the year that vividly coloured, strong accents make a return. Whether that's in the shape of a wall-mounted mural, a coloured countertop basin or some feature tiling, it's definitely time to put some visual interest into the bathroom. The days of strict, neutral minimalism are giving way to accents in vibrant hues and warmer tones.

2. Warmer metallic finishes continue to be popular

Chrome has always been the traditional choice for taps and other bathroom accessories. In line with the emphasis on warmer, more natural tones, we're seeing designers now turning to metals such as copper, bronze, brass and nickel for pipework, taps, shower hoses and similar.

Warm metal tones work brilliantly with almost any bathroom palette and with so many styles on offer, it's possible to find accessories that will work well in anything from an industrial bathroom through to a nostalgic, cottage chic option. Particularly attractive with a bench mounted basin or wall-hung basin, bronze or brass taps make a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

3. Sustainability matters

Perhaps due to recent world events, or simply because people in the masses are waking up to the importance of caring for the planet, sustainable bathrooms are big news and are here to stay.

Sustainability can take many forms: from installing water-saving taps, toilets and showers through to the use of sustainable, up-cycled and recycled bathroom furniture, sustainability is a theme that underpins modern bathroom design. Up-cycled elements, such as recycled flooring, are a key trend to be aware of in 2021.

Our Oli In-Wall Cisterns are an excellent way to make your bathroom more water efficient as they can save the average Australian household up to 9L of water every day due to their advanced water inlet technology. See our quick video below:

4. A Focus on Natural Elements

The planet remains a powerful driver of bathroom design not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of palette. Earthy tones are back, signalling a departure from the strict, industrial, monochrome minimalism which has dominated the bathroom design field for the past few years. Black (a popular choice in 2020) continues to be right on trend, but complemented by earthy reds, greens and blues, rather than by grey and white alone. Plants are back in the bathroom, and the use of natural materials (wooden soap dishes, for example, or bamboo accessories) are also great choices for a 2021 bathroom.

Design & Photo by Bayside Built

5. Spots, dots and Other Tessellations

Tessellations (repeated patterns) are a tile trend that's looking to come back into the spotlight in 2021. Whether you opt for dots, spots, or repeating linear patterns, a tessellated tile choice for a splashback, shower panel or feature wall is going to be a stylish addition to your bathroom. What's more, there's no need to keep it monochrome. Powerful colour combinations are a key trend in 2021 so feel free to let your creativity flow here.

6. Powered Up Powder Rooms!

In 2021 we expect to see the focus on more design focused powder rooms. Being the smallest space in your house doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention when it comes to what you can do with design.

Small bathroom spaces are perfect for letting your design spirit run wild, allowing you to experiment with opposing colours and textures because they are often a stand-alone area, meaning you don’t need to worry about clashes with other rooms in your house.

When designing your powder room, the number one consideration is of course space. However, even though your floor-plan is limited, using the right combination and configuration of bathroom fixtures and products can make a huge difference in both functionality and space perception.

7. Accessories Matter

From bathmats through to vanity dishes, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, towel rails and more, 2021 is the year that accessories come to the fore when it comes to bathroom decor. There is an enormous number of high-grade bathroom accessories currently on the market, enabling designers to rework and update a bathroom simply through the use of the right type of accessory.

Whereas previously the focus was on keeping everything hidden away in the bathroom, 2021 marks a new openness and emphasis on display. This means that designing a new bathroom needs to extend far beyond the flooring, tiling and sanitary ware. From tap choice through to the type of showerhead, ornaments and more, each item in the bathroom needs to be carefully chosen in order to fit with the intended theme.

2021 bathroom design trends offer many exciting opportunities to add colour and visual interest to a bathroom. This year's focus on colour, for example, really opens up the possibilities to create unique, engaging bathrooms that are carefully tailored to suit the tastes and aspirations of the occupants.

With style moving far more towards a softer, sustainable, organic look, there are plenty of opportunities to create engaging bathroom spaces. Whilst the industrial, monochrome theme is still a great choice (albeit defined in softer terms than in previous years), if colour, warm metallic accents and a little bold is your preferred style, there's a 2021 trend that's going to be right for you.

We hope you've enjoyed catching up with the freshest bathroom trends in 2021. If you would like help putting your perfect bathroom together or to see our products in person, give us a call on (02) 9601 1948 or email [email protected] and we can arrange a viewing with us or with one of our 500 retailers across Australia.

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