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Studio Italia Design’s New Chapter: The Rebrand

Studio Italia Design’s New Chapter: The Rebrand

Words by LightCo

LightCo is excited to announce the long-standing decorative lighting company Studio Italia Design announces their rebrand, Lodes.

The rebrand signals an important new phase in the evolution of the Venetian company, which was founded in the heart of Italy’s glassmaking region by Angelo Tosetto in 1950.

As part of a strategic vision led by General Manager Massimiliano Tosetto, and as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, the rebrand heralds a new era of contemporary design celebrating the company’s manufacturing know-how and high-quality Made in Italy essence.

The official unveiling of the new brand took place last night with a virtual talk moderated by journalist Elisa Massoni featuring Massimiliano Tosetto, General Manager of Studio Italia Design; Luca Nichetto, Design Curator; Béatrice Ferrari, Founder of Synesia; and Valerio Tamagnini, Co-founder and Creative Director of Studio Blanco.

Lodes is built on the Latin word “laude” meaning excellence, praise, prize.

“Lodes marks the beginning of a new era of design and innovation for us. With Lodes the company begins a new phase of contemporary design that celebrates our manufacturing know-how consolidated over time.

I believe that the perspective and approach adopted by Luca are in line with our vision, creating lighting solutions that strike a perfect balance between know-how and a distinctive style linked to the territory and the culture of Italian “beautiful and well-made”.

A blend of aesthetic refinement and design excellence.” – Massimiliano Tosetto

LightCo is excited to share with you the next chapter of Lodes.

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