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The beauty of time: organic finishes

The beauty of time: organic finishes

For those who love a unique living appearance.

Words by Plumbline

Embracing natural materials has become the new focus for interior design in recent years in response to the trend of bringing the outdoors in to connect with nature and the desire to be surrounded by authentic and organic objects in our homes. Organic finishes such as natural stone, timber and brass are now more prominent features in New Zealand homes, due to the appeal of their aging process.

For those who love a unique living appearance, Plumbline’s organic finishes evolve over time, taking on a patina and oxidisation dependent on its environment, adding to the natural beauty of your tapware.

The Natural Beauty of Organic Tapware

Organic finishes are raw metals that are left un-lacquered or coated meaning they will naturally patina and age over time. Perfect for adding character to industrial, or contemporary settings, the look and feel of organic or living finishes will get their own individual character, whether it’s exterior tapware that faces the elements of nature, or interior pieces that are constantly touched and handled.

Left: Organic finish when new, Right: Organic finish over time

What is Patina?

Patina is a layer of green or brown that develops over some metal finishes such as copper, bronze, and brass as it ages. Exposure to natural elements like air, heat, and water naturally cause these metals to change appearance over time. Natural patina can take years to form on some tapware depending on the atmospheric conditions and the type of finish the tapware has. There are always variations in how the patina will form and how long it takes—the only guarantee is that it will eventually change. When the patina forms, it provides a protective layer to tapware materials, which will allow your tapware to stay functional for longer.

Metals, such as natural Brass, that are polished or brushed will generally darken over time, whereas Brass that has been aged or pre-oxidised, will lighten where it is touched and handled. If desired, Organic finishes can be maintained to their near-original state with regular cleaning, buffing, or waxing.

Add Character to Your Home

Organic finishes are now more commonly recognised in the design space as exciting ‘living’ materials which give another dimension to great design. Brass tapware has often been chosen for traditional or heritage style bathrooms and kitchens, but now it’s seen more and more in contemporary settings, adding an air of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen.

All white bathrooms with timber accents are a classic look and when paired with an Organic brass finish, adds subtle glamour and warmth that creates a timeless result. Brass tapware can also warm a cool toned bathroom. If you have navy blue or moody greys, brass can warm the interior to create a balanced look. And if you’re after a rustic, beachy aesthetic in your bathroom sanctuary, organic tapware is perfect for that relaxed yet sophisticated vibe.

Plumbline offers uncoated brass and copper tapware in our Buddy by Progetto and Nicolazzi collections, including Polished Brass, Brushed Brass, Aged Brass, and Copper, as well as matching accessories to complete the look.

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