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The Benefits Of Having A Skylight

The Benefits Of Having A Skylight

Words by Inspired Spaces

Having a skylight installed into your home can offer a number of benefits.  From increasing natural light inside, adding ventilation and/or making a space look larger – there are plenty of advantages.

Below are a few of the benefits you could achieve by installing a skylight or two.

Natural light and health benefits

A beautiful light filled interior is far more inviting than a dark and poorly lit (or overly lit) one.

Natural light makes our homes look their best.  And most people would agree that having natural light all year round certainly brightens up a room and has an undeniably cheering effect on your mood.

Us aussie’s love the outdoors, however a lot of time is spent inside these days.  Which means less exposure to natural light and increased exposure to artificial light sources.  This can have a negative effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

Exposure to natural light releases serotonin, which boosts energy levels along with your mood.  A dark and gloomy space will often drag you down and make you feel glum.

The sun is a natural mood lifter and can also have a positive influence on your sleep.

Sunshine provides us with healthy amounts of vitamin D which is also essential for our wellbeing.  Having skylights in your home can bring in the sun, filling your home with natural light and providing you with adequate amounts of vitamin D.   Did you know that vitamin D is able to penetrate through glass?

The skylights in this roof conversion makes the space look bigger and more open

Making the most of a small space

Maximising space and making a room feel larger than it is can be achieved by adding a skylight.  The soft, natural light can help make the space appear bigger and give the room a whole new life.

Obviously, bringing the outside in and having a beautiful view of the sky, trees and stars would be a plus to any home.

In a room where privacy is an issue but more light is required a skylight can fix this problem.  It will give you much-needed light with a pleasing overhead view, rather than seeing the neighbours or traffic through a conventional window.

Fixed or retractable?

Retractable (or openable) skylights are an option that allows you to look up into the sky without any filter of glass and will also provide you with increased ventilation through your space.  You can have a fresh airy room without compromising on home security.

There are a number of different skylights that you can choose from – fixed skylights, sliding/retractable skylights and hinged skylights.

If you are choosing a skylight that is not fixed then you need to consider how you will be able to access it. If it's too high to reach, you will need a special pole or opt for a motorized skylight instead.

Where are skylights beneficial?

Perhaps you have decided that you would like to install one or two of these additions to your home but are not quite sure where to add them?

The sklight in this bathroom lets in floods of natural light

You could consider one in a bathroom or toilet.  As mentioned before this is good for providing privacy without compromising on natural light.

Be sure to position the skylights so that they don’t cast a shadow on you as you look into a mirror.

Also, consider installing a retractable skylight as will provide much needed ventilation for these rooms.

Slanted ceilings always look great with a skylight or two installed.  They will allow the light to flow freely into the space and will provide valuable lighting for your room. These are especially beneficial for kitchens and dining rooms.

Hallways and long, narrow living areas are also areas where skylights should be considered.  By adding three or four of them in a row you will get the maximum benefits and will create an impression of a bigger and more open space.

When deciding on where to install your skylights and where to place your furnishings keep in mind that sunlight, filtered or not, can be harsh on fabrics and finishes.

Can skylights increase the value of your home?

Well installed skylights can potentially increase the value of your home. It will provide better home efficiency and the amount of natural light that fills the house, even on an overcast day.

A bright and airy house will increase appeal to potential buyers (if you are selling) and in effect, its sale price.

Skylights that are situated in the optimum positions can allow maximum light resulting in a reduction of energy consumption and your power bills.  Correct positioning and an adequate number of skylights are important.  This is especially true in Australia as you don’t want to create a hot glasshouse during the summer months.

If you are building, renovating or remodelling your home, there are always a lot of things to consider.  Windows and skylights are two of the more commonly thought about renovations so the pros and cons should be carefully considered before making any decisions.

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