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The Process Of Getting A New Kitchen

The Process Of Getting A New Kitchen

Getting a new kitchen is a big decision. It is a transformation of your home which both takes time and interrupts your daily life and routines. That’s why we do our very best to make it all go as smoothly as possible through every step of the way.

Words by Häcker Kitchens

For a start we have summed up the project process in nine overall steps, so you have an idea about how we work and what to expect. You can also find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or there are things you would like to understand better, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The Project Process In 9 Steps:

1: Discussing Your Dreams
Visit us at our showroom for a talk about your vision and ideas. Expect a minimum of one hour for us to get a good understanding of what you’re after.

2: Plans & Measurements
If it’s a renovation, now is the time for us to measure your kitchen space. If it’s a complete new kitchen we don’t measure your home until later in the process. Instead we design plans that meet your vision.

3: Design Presentation
Based on our talk and measurements or plans we develop several designs: Some based on your ideas and some exploring other possible directions. This usually takes 5-10 working days. We then meet in our presentation space and you choose your favourite design.

4: Project Contract
We go through the details, give you a range of price options and once we settle on the final design we give you a quote and write up the project contract.

5: Production In Germany
We measure your home and make final adjustments to the plans if needed. Once the first payment is in, we place your order. All your kitchen components are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Germany. This takes around 12 weeks from placing the order till receiving the finished kitchen.

6: Preparing The Site
Your kitchen site is prepared for installation by your choice of contractors, including all mechanical, electrical and plumbing. If you don’t have any preferred contractors, we’ve got a range of trusted partners that we can recommend you.

7: Kitchen Installation
Our Häcker technicians install your kitchen. It takes between 2-5 working days depending on your choice of kitchen elements, and if you are getting appliances from us or elsewhere. Bench tops can require extra time, expect around 10-15 working days.

8: Connecting To The Grid
All appliances, plumbing and gas are installed by your chosen professionals. Again we’re happy to help finding the right person for the job through our partners.

9: Final Details & Handover!
We fine-tune your kitchen and make sure everything is exactly as we’ve planned it before we hand your new kitchen over to you, ready to use!

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