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The rug guide

The rug guide

Looking for that perfect finishing touch to your latest project? A rug is one of the easiest ways to add instant style and warmth to a living space. With a modern mix of plains, patterns, textures, shape and sizes in the finest quality, we have the perfect rug.

Words by IconRadford

Picking the right fibers

Wool is the benchmark material for most rugs and carpets; it exudes warmth and has an attractive appearance. Wool is soft, strong and durable and is excellent for absorbing moisture. It has excellent elasticity and has a natural resistance to dirt, wear and tear.

A natural fibre, used mainly as a blend with our fibres for our rugs. Cotton fibres are easy to dye, are very breathable and are easy to wash – making it great for lighter weight rugs.

Acrylic is a lightweight, soft, warm manmade fibre with a wool-like feel. It is excellent for achieving vivid dye colours and is often teamed with wool to achieve vibrancy in colour with wool blend rugs.

A manmade fibre with benefits including durability, colour fastness and a level of water resistance. Again, polyester is good for achieving vivid colour tones.

This fibre has a lovely lustre and softness, which mimics silk and adds shine and depth to rugs.

A form of viscose made from bamboo pulp, is extremely resilient and durable.

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