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The secret to your best night's sleep

The secret to your best night's sleep

So much of feeling well comes from having the right amount of sleep and if like many, you struggle, then we might be able to help. Read on to find out our ideas for beautiful restful shades for bedrooms as well as tips on increasing the comfort factor in your space.

Words by IconRadford

What are the perfect colours for your bedroom?

Colour can have a profound effect on how we live, and this is particularly true in bedrooms. Green is considered one of the most relaxing shades that promotes restfulness and calm. With its close links to nature, it can be a very cossetting and soothing shade but do not overlook shades of Glass Green, Aqua and Duck Egg that can be just as serene.

Getting the right temperature in your bedroom is crucial to good sleep. Throws and quilts are a great way of adding a layer in those chilly nights. The new Designers Guild Faux Sheepskin cushions come with a soft and tactile texture, perfect for making your bed as inviting and cosy as possible.

Light a scented candle as you prepare for bed – the candlelight and the fragrance both help to prepare you for sleep but don’t forget to blow it out as you drift off into your best night’s sleep ever.....zzzzzz.

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