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Top 10 Garage Door Safety Tips

Top 10 Garage Door Safety Tips

An automatic garage door is an essential addition to every modern home and offers luxury, convenience, protection and style to your home. A garage has a central location for the perfect point of entry for your car and there are many ways to alter the space to suit...

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An automatic garage door is an essential addition to every modern home and offers luxury, convenience, protection and style to your home.

A garage has a central location for the perfect point of entry for your car and there are many ways to alter the space to suit your family, such as adding a window or entry to the house, and with remotes and openers to access the space at the click of a button. Automatic garage doors are becoming more and more popular and are one of the most convenient additions to your property. Heavy doors being lifted in the rain or needing a parking attendant to park in your house become a thing of the past with a Steel-Line garage door.

Garage doors are built to keep your loved ones, car and pets safe from harm. Along with the leading technology that comes with your automatic garage door and opener installation, there are some extra safety measures you can take to ensure protection from your door falling or malfunctioning which can result in a security risk plus major or minor accidents.

Keep your garage door maintained and checked

Garage doors are one of the heaviest and most used items of your home and include many moving parts to function. All automatic garage doors plus the opener and carriage assemblies should be maintained and checked for repair regularly by a qualified garage door installation and repair professional. Setting up an annual appointment for a specialist to repair or check the functions, hardware, alignment, lubrication and balance plus the quality of the emergency release feature of your garage door will aid in avoiding mishaps and injury in your garages.

Ensure the top of the line security features are included in your install

Garage doors are becoming more and more sophisticated as they become one of the most popular choices for modern homes. The safety features of garage doors include safety reverse to avoid the door closing when it shouldn’t, motion detectors to stop the door in its tracks, an emergency release lever and manual controls in case of power outages. We detail why safety features such as infra-red sensors are essential in our blog and can help provide more information to ensure your garages are as safe as can be.

Select a good quality garage door installed by qualified and experienced professionals

By purchasing a high quality and dependable garage door you can rest assured that the latest safety protocols and levels of functionality have been included. It’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best quality door for your garage and that it will be installed by a professional. This will ensure that the maintenance and repairs are streamlined, the door will function dependably, provide security and keep your family, car and pets safe from harm.

Keep the garage door opener, release lever or buttons out of reach of kids

The ease of use of an automatic door in your garage is ideal for most families but can cause harm if kids have access to the garage door openers or buttons. Ensuring the garage door opener is kept up high or out of reach of kids will avoid any accidents on the road or the driveway and improve garage security. Keeping your children safe in the garage and on the driveway is integral and further tips can be found in our blog on ensuring your garage door is child-safe.

Familiarise yourself with the emergency features

It’s important to know how your garage functions as well as familiarise yourself with the emergency features of your door. These aspects include how to operate the emergency release lever, how to change the batteries in your remotes and whether the rolling code needs to be changed manually, how to check if the auto-reverse is functional and how to use the release cord in case of a power outage.

Visually check the door regularly for loose springs, bolts or cables

A quick, regular visual check of your garage and its surrounds can help you to avoid accidents or a mishap in the function of your garage door and tell you whether your doors need a repair. If you spot any loose object coming from your doors or the carriage assembly, such as loose springs, cord, bolts or cables, it’s important to contact your garage door technician to conduct a repair as soon as possible.

Ensure the sensors are working correctly

One simple way to check the sensors of your door is to place a roll of paper towels in the door’s closing location and close the door. A well-functioning garage door should bounce back immediately after sensing the item in the pathway, with the auto-reverse function kicking in. If your door doesn’t react to the object, a maintenance check is required immediately. For more information and tips on all of our safety inclusions, check out our blog via the website on garage doors for safety.

Turn the garage door off when asleep or on holidays

Often, the garage offers convenient access to the service door of your house. Homeowners choose this location for the garage to provide easy access for children to get into the car in wet weather, to provide ease when collecting groceries or to provide a secure entry door to the house without needing to use the front door. Just as homeowners would lock the door before going to bed or staying in a different location, the garage door opener can be turned off to avoid issue should your remote get lost or stolen.

Keep the garage completely open or closed

In addition to your garage security, it’s important to keep the garage door completely open or closed. If the door is left partially opened or closed, it will be impossible to determine the direction of the door the next time you operate the door. This can result in the door closing on people or cars or unintentionally being left open to any person that walks past your house.

Keep hands and limbs free of the door when opening and closing

Most garage doors feature a ribbing or shaping on the door that prevents fingers from being trapped when the door is opening or closing, but it is important to keep children, pets and other people out of the way of the door to avoid harm or damage to the door.

A property with an automatic garage is a thing that most future homeowners search for and is a great opener for selling your home, adding value to your property. With these garage door safety tips and security tips, and by implementing all of our steps toward safeguarding your garage and garage door openers, your garage will be an important and well-loved aspect of your home. The convenience, ease of use and value that a garage door adds for homeowners and their renters is indisputable, and we can help you to install the best quality garage door for your space with our team of specialists.

For further information on garage door repair, installation and maintenance, contact us for a free measure and quote or chat to us on our website.

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