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Why Metal? Durability, Sustainability and Aesthetics

Why Metal? Durability, Sustainability and Aesthetics

Wondering why you should choose metal for your building project? Read more to find out!

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Wondering why you should choose metal for your building project?

When it comes to cladding and roofing materials, builders are spoilt for choice. But for the very best in durability, sustainability and beautiful design, metal is the ideal option. This versatile building material has a number of unique properties that offer significant advantages for any building project, from a large-scale and complex job to a straight-forward home build.

Find out why you should always choose metal for your construction project.

Built to Last

The greatest advantage that metal cladding and roofing has over other popular building materials is its toughness and durability. Metals such as steel have been used on building projects for decades and offer a robust and sturdy option. Flexible and easy to install, metal provides strength and sturdiness to any build.

Unlike wood or stone, metal is designed to withstand the elements – a must-have when building in the harsh Australian environment. No matter the weather conditions, your metal cladding and roofing will stand the test of time. When you use metal on a project, you are ensuring that the building is able to withstand corrosion, termites, mould and mildew. If you’re building in a fire-prone area, metal is the only choice for fire resistance and ensuring your home is still standing after a blaze.

Additionally, metal is extremely easy to maintain, making it the perfect option for builds that are complex or in difficult locations. Unlike other building materials that require extensive upkeep, metal cladding and roofing can be installed and then forgotten about for long stretches of time.

The Best Metal for Durability

If robustness is a priority for your build, steel is the best option. Coated steel is one of the most popular steel building materials in Australia and can be used to create a range of designs. Coated steel is flexible, low-maintenance and comes in a variety of colours.

The Greener Choice

Metal is a more sustainable option when choosing your cladding and roofing materials. Less natural resources are used in the production of metal, with significant improvements in manufacturing methods reducing the energy required in the steel making process by approximately 50 per cent in recent years.

Metal cladding and roofing is factory made to strict standards, meaning that less waste is created in the production of metal materials. The durable nature of metal also contributes to its sustainability, as longer-lasting materials require less new materials to be produced for rebuilds and repairs of damaged buildings.

Additionally, buildings that use metal for cladding and roofing are more energy efficient overall. Insulated wall and roof panels play a key role in making metal buildings among the most energy-efficient options available. They offer lifelong energy savings and are a cost-effective solution for building owners.

Metal can also be easily and infinitely recycled and re-used on future building projects. Recycled metal requires very low amounts of energy to manufacture, making it a greener choice than many other materials. Metal can be easily reused without losing its integrity over time, reducing the need to produce brand new metal in the future.

The Best Metal for Sustainability

For the best in environmentally friendly construction, choose Zinc for your building project. Zinc is among the most sustainable metals used in construction today and has been used as a building material on roofs for almost 200 years. It is 100 per cent recyclable, non-toxic, and requires less energy to be produced than other common building metals.

Combining Function and Form

When it comes to aesthetic value, metal is the favourite choice of architects and designers creating buildings and other structures. The versatility, colours and finishes of metal allows for a freedom in design and creativity for architects to achieve their unique vision.

Metal cladding and roofing offers a multitude of options to suit any aesthetic. Whether a building owner desires a smooth and sleek appearance, or an organic development of colour and finish over time, metal cladding provides the perfect solution.

The main decision when choosing metal is whether a change in appearance through oxidisation is required. Metal options such as weathering steel and copper add a dramatic flair to a building project as the patina, or material’s surface, develops over time. In contrast, metals like aluminium, coated steel, and zinc retain their appearance, even in harsh weather conditions.

Additional to the colour and finish, metal panels can be laid in different and innovative ways to achieve different aesthetic styles. Metal cladding can be used with install systems including standing seam, interlocking panels, flat lock and tiles or shingles.

The Best Metal for Aesthetics

Your individual style will determine the best metal for your project. Fortunately, the wide range of options available, all sharing the same intrinsic benefits of durability and sustainability, means that every build can be matched with the perfect metal. From the warm earthy tonnes of copper through to the cool and modern look of zinc, you are sure to be able to find a metal that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of your project.

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