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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Counter Top Basin

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Counter Top Basin

Words by Studio Bagno

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Counter Top Basin

Counter Top Basins are a staple of good bathroom design. They are simple to install, they come in almost any imagineable shape and style and because of their 'sculpture' like forms, are especially effective when you want to create a focal point atop a bench or vanity unit.

The aim of this buying guide is to help you make the right basin choice for your particular bathroom project, so let us dive into all the considerations you should be thinking about when selecting a counter top basin.

What are the benefits of using a Counter Top Basin?

Make a Statement!

With the full body of the basin exposed, bench top basins are a great way to flaunt beautiful design characteristics, meaning they make excellent statement pieces. Because of the wide variety of shapes and styles available, this basin configuration can really be suited to any design style that you decide to run with, provided you have sufficient space.

Styles available for Spacious and Smaller Bathrooms

Smaller, ornate basins for example can make stunning feature pieces in even the most space conscious situations like powder rooms or guest bathrooms, while larger, more generous bowl sizes with tap landings are better suited to main bathrooms.

Flexible Tap Placement Options

Counter top basins give greater flexibility regarding tap placement, as they can be mounted on the basin itself, on the bench adjacent to, or even mounted on the wall. Because they sit on top of the counter, they are often at a more convenient, comfortable height than other basins and in case of larger bowl sizes, offer a much better wash area experience.

Easy to Install

When looking at installation, above counter basins are much simpler pieces to install as the modification to the bench top for mounting is extremely minimal, requiring only a cut-out for waste, with the basin being secured by silicon and the plug & waste. If you're basin is glazed at the rear, it's best to leave a minimum of 50mm between the rear of the basin and your wall to ensure ease of cleaning.

What Counter Top Basin Styles are there?

Oval Shaped Counter Top Basins

An oval above counter basin is contemporary luxe. The look is clean and minimalist, making a subtle yet powerful statement. Matched with a minimal style and neutral tones, these basins will offer a spa-like bathroom feel to your overall aesthetic.

Round Counter-Top Basins

Round basins are a classic choice for bathroom projects of any kind. A simple geometric shape that can make a bold impact. We especially like the his and her configuration by placing them side by side like below:

Rectangular Counter-Top Basins

If you prefer a less organic look, then turning to rectangular shapes with clean lines to add architectural flair is a good option. Offering effortless elegance, there are many beautiful styles available to match baths, mirrors and toilets so you can really tie in your aesthetic as a whole. They often incorporate gentle, curved corners to avoid looking too harsh, and offer ample room for daily washing.

Sculptural / Art Basins

From elegant and minimalist to the more extravagent, sculptural style pieces can be real head-turners when applied correctly.

Design by + Photo Courtesy of Bayside Built

Coloured Counter-Top Basins

Bench mounted basins can be an incredible way to introduce a little more colour into a room, with hundreds of options available for colour combinations with fixtures, fittings, and surfaces, investing in a coloured basin can give your new bathroom project the edge that you're looking for.

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