AGA R7 210 Induction Hob & Gas Hob Cooker

The AGA R7 Series 210 offers three cast-iron ovens for roasting, baking, and simmering and two independently controlled units that offer ovens for slow cooking and warming. That’s right this is a total of 7 ovens! This model has 2 hob configurations offering options with a warming plate or induction plate alongside the gas hob. The AGA R7 Series is easy to control using the simple control panel, the ovens offer four temperature settings for enhanced efficiency, there is an oven for every occasion.

Fully electric, the AGA R7 is controllable, easy to use, and offers a host of refined features for flexible cooking. The ovens are designed to be left on so that they are always available for use and provide gentle warmth to keep your kitchen cosy. 

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    AGA R7 Series
Key Features

Fuel Type: Dual Fuel

Hob Options: Gas Hob & Induction Plate

Iconic Design

The R7 offers classic AGA styling and boasts the gleaming vitreous enamel finish which takes three days to achieve at our factory in Shropshire.

Built and manufactured to our meticulous standards, these models feature three cast-iron ovens and two independently controlled hotplates, whilst the larger cookers in the range feature two additional ovens for slow cooking and warming, 4 burner gas hob, and an optional single-zone induction hob.

These range cookers are highly detailed, from the AGA embossed cast-iron oven doors to the branded handrails and black flush-fitting side panels. 

Easy To Use

The AGA R7 210 model features ovens for baking, roasting, and simmering. Easy to control using the simple control panel, the ovens offer four temperature settings for enhanced efficiency, including:

  • a slumber setting for maximum energy saving
  • a low-temperature setting for a lower than normal heat
  • 'normal', which is the ideal pre-set temperature for the cooking high-temperature
  • a high-temperature setting that provides a boost for batch cooking or entertaining 

Innovative Features

A specialist Altrashell™ coating seals the surface of the cast-iron ovens making them easier to clean. There are also new cooler-touch stainless steel door liners on the roasting, baking, and simmering ovens. For ease of cleaning, these new patented door liners can be removed and placed in the dishwasher. 

The AGA R7 210 Series offers the choice of a single zone induction hob offering a safe, fast and efficient way to cook. Once the pan makes contact with the hob surface, the pan becomes the heat source so food is heated directly. 

Alongside the fantastic hob options, the AGA R7 210 features a 4 burner gas hob, the burners are ignited when the dial is turned in the same manner as on any other conventional cooker. The gas hotplate can be run on either natural gas or LPG making this model a Dual Fuel configuration. 

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