Austroflamm Dexter (Door Hinge Left with Top Extension Box & Adjustable Damper) Wood Fireplace


With the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 fireplace, the Austrian manufacturer Austroflamm shows why it is one of the well-known sizes in stove construction, because thanks to its modular design, this fireplace can be adapted from the ground up and designed as desired!

But before we come to the individual design options, we would first like to introduce the fireplace to you, as the basic module. You will immediately notice the viewing glass on the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove, because it goes around the corner on one side. You decide which side that is! The door stop can be at the top of the configuration either on the left or alternatively on the right side to get voted. Thanks to the double-sided viewing glazing, you can see the fire in the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove in perspective, which makes it ideal as a space-saving corner model or as the end of a fiery room divider.

You don’t want to wait a long time for the warmth after stoking it up? You don’t have to do that with the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove either, because the body has a convection jacket. This steel jacket sucks in the cold air on the floor, guides it past the combustion chamber and releases it back into the living area as warm air on the top. Advantage: The heat generated is quickly distributed in the room and the whole thing works via the natural convection of the air, i.e. without a fan, batteries or power connection. In order for the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove to heat up quickly, the combustion chamber was completely covered with Keramott. This is an exclusive material from Austroflamm, which combines thermal conductivity with heat storage capacity.

If you are looking for safety and comfort, you are in the right place with the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove, because the fire door is self-closing. In this way, neither smoke nor sparks can get into the living room unnoticed.  The Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove also has a prepared external air connection located on the underside. In this way, the combustion chamber can be fired independently of the room air, which ensures a more pleasant room climate.

Austroflamm has come up with something very special for cleaning the combustion chamber, because the Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 stove has an inner pocket with an ash box. The ash box is located directly under a rigid grate, which can be closed at any time with a bayonet-locking lid. This means that no ash can swirl through the living area when emptying. At the same time, the combustion chamber remains absolutely tight, which allows for precise control of combustion and thus maximum efficiency with minimum emissions. Now that you know all the basic functions, we come to the fun part.

The Austroflamm Dexter 2.0 has individual modules with which you can customize the fireplace as you wish.  It offers many possible combinations with its clever module modules. These can also be used with their open side as a wood storage compartment and with the top and base boxes you determine the size and the shape of the structure making it your own unique combination.

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Heat Capacity 12 - 15 sq/139sqm
Peak Efficiency 65%
Emissions 1.5 grams/kg
Max. log length 400mm
Average Peak Power 9.9 kw

Optional Accessories

6" Full Triple Drop Box Flue Kit 4m - 2 x Solid Decro

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