Bragi inherits much of it’s technology from Bragi CS including it’s optical core and lenses. The main difference is Bragi’s 16:9 output. Bragi has the same PULSE electronic and SW platform, powered by an updated revolutionary LED engine. Bragi produces a stunning, wide and extremely consistent P3/DCI colour gamut with a rich, vibrant colour rendition, whilst delivering up to 2,600 lumens. Low noise and up to 50,000 hours life expectancy, 9 lens options and close to unlimited installation flexibility. Bragi delivers the ultimate and by far the best in image quality for smaller dedicated home cinema rooms we have ever seen, built or experienced before. In short, it is the best picture quality ever shown at this level.

State of the art electronics

Barco's Pulse electronics are built on a superior FPGA platform featuring a dual core processor on the industry’s only 20 nm SoChave, with 96 transceiver lanes delivering 3.3Tbps of serial bandwidth.

Thanks to Barco's unique single step processing technology(SSPTM), Pulse electronics are designed to process 4K UHD, HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2 and HDR10 signals with extremely low latency

Bragi uses the very latest 0.9" DMD DLP chipset, to display flawless 4K UHD (3,840 × 2,160 px) images.

LED Engine

Bragi uses a new optical engine, incorporating the best elements from previous models and combining them with new technologies, creating an even better optical engine.

Bragi’s optical engine is not the only part that is redesigned, the light source is brand new, and this time it’s not laser. The light source uses the very latest high lumens density (HLD), LED illumination technology.

HLD LED is unique in that it works around the ‘law of etendue’ (a property of light in an optical system, which characterizes how “spread out” the light is in area and angle...) to deliver a superb colour experience and incredible brightness while enabling new levels of resolution.


Combining HLD LED illumination with regular LED colours which appear more saturated, the human eye is tricked to interpret this as richer, brighter colours than they are physically measured. Bragi also includes a motorized DCI/P3 filter for improved HDR colour accuracy.

Additionally, Barco’s RealColor processing enables simple and accurate calibration to your desired colour gamut or white point.

  • Category
  • Range
  • Brand
  • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 px @60hz
  • Display technology: Single chip UHD 4K DMDTM
  • Housing: Sealed DMDs and optical assembly
  • Input compatibility: up to 4K UHD
  • Light output: T-version: up to 2,600 lumens
  • Contrast: 450 : 1 ANSI Contrast
  • Light engine: Solid State RGB LED
  • LED life: 50,000 hours -> 100% to 50% Brightness
    75,000 hours -> 75% to 50% Brightness
  • Lenses: 0.30 : 1 (EN68)
    0.41 : 1 (UST 90 degree lens)
    0.65 : 1 (EN67)
    0.80 - 1.21 : 1 (EN66)
    0.90 - 1.30 : 1 (EN76)
    1.21 - 1.70 : 1 (EN63)
    1.70 - 2.50 : 1 (EN61)
    2.50 - 4.60 : 1 (EN44)
    6.50 - 9.10 : 1 (EN69)
  • Lens shift range: Varies depending on lens, more than 70% with EN61 & EN63
  • Inputs: HDMI 2.0, HDBaseT (1.4), DVI, DisplayPort, SDI, DMX
  • Control: TCP/IP, RS232, IR, Keypad, 12v Trigger
  • Control Drivers: Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant
  • 3D: active stereoscopic 3D Sync 3-pin DIN, BNC
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 450 x 482 x 255 mm / 17.7 x 19 x 10 in. (including feet / excluding lens)
  • Weight: 21.5 kg / 47.4 lbs
  • Power requirements: 110 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 500 W typical, 570 W maximum
  • BTU per Hour: 1,707 BTU/h typical, 1,945 BTU/h max
  • Noise level (typical at 25°C/77°F): 30-33 dB(A)
  • Operating temperature: 10 - 45°C (sea level)
  • Operating humidity: 20 - 80% RH

Barco's Pulse platform is packed with features that will improve the overall customer experience, improve picture quality and simplify integration;

Illumination Bragi uses a unique HLD RGB LED engine developed by Barco. This technology emits four times the light of regular LED technology.

Warp to Center Unique to Barco Residential, Warp to Centre allows instant switching between different aspect ratios within Barco's 16:9 projector models, eliminating the need for slow lens memory pre-sets.

Prospector Barco’s web interface: Prospector, provides quick and simple configuration and calibration of Pulse projectors, along with monitoring and diagnostic tools.

Warp & Blend Warping is the process of digitally manipulating an image to compensate for alignment distortions. Blending allows multiple projectors to be seamlessly combined to create unique digital canvas solutions.

RealColor RealColor is Barco's proprietary colour management system, enabling simple and accurate calibration to your desired colour gamut or white point.

Latency Low latency is desirable to achieve that smoother gameplay and user experience we all want, without input lag. If latency is >30ms, your gaming experience will be compromised, Barco’s latency is <20ms (including all image processing).

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