A modern baroque wallpaper design combined with a flamboyant avian theme. The rich pallet lends to a bold, decorative statement on a grand scale, perfectly suited for large residential or commercial spaces. Decorative birds inspired by prints and etchings of a bygone era perched upon a dense and lush leafy background of roman acanthus leaves and stone baroque garden ornamentation. An eclectic take on a rich and exotic era of design incorporating a restrained mirroring effect within the background elements, bringing this design firmly into the now.

Originally inspired by the magnificent woodblocks prints of William Morris, a master of artistry, colour, form and particularly the design repeat. Reminiscent of baroque through to Victorian grandeur and opulence but with a modern interpretation. This design is available on our beautiful and durable wallpaper substrate. This is European style wallpaper with a simple butt join and a paste the wall style of application for ease of installation for both the at home diy-er or the large-scale type commercial project. We also offer this range printed on a selection of high- performance fabrics to suit your desired purpose.

This deeply layered and textured wallpaper is also available on 7 different fabric base cloths. Suitable for upholstery and drapery.

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If you are searching for statement wallpapers in Australia? Then you can now rest easy as you have found what you are looking for! Our exclusive wallpaper collections are manufactured on a high quality, luxury wallpaper base with all the precision and care you would expect from a global wallpaper producer. Created to pack an interior design punch, our designer wallpapers are unique as they are exclusive. Combined with superior customer support and quick delivery times throughout Australia.

Non-woven wallpaper advantages
The most user-friendly wallpaper on the market. 

  • Sourced from FSC Certified Forests and printed with water-based ink. Our luxury wallpapers are earth friendly, and totally 100% vinyl-free. 
  • Breathable - Milton & King wallpapers are breathable, helping them endure mould and mildew conditions. Thus, perfect to decorate bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. 
  • Paste-The-Wall - Made from both natural and non-porous synthetic fibres. These non-woven wallpapers will not absorb moisture from the adhesive. Simply apply the paste directly to the wall. The paper will not expand or contract with no booking time required. 
  • The wallpaper rolls are finished precisely to have no overlap. Meaning the panels simply butt up to each other for ease of installation. 
  • Cleanable - Dirt, dust and other marks can be simply cleaned using a damp cloth with soapy water. 
  • Durable - These high quality wallpapers are also heard wearing and tear-resistant. This is a great advantage as the wallpapers will not get torn during installation or removal. 
  • Easy to Remove - Once completely dry, non-woven wallpapers will come off easily. It should come down in full sheets with no need for the dreaded steamer or water. Without causing any damage to the walls upon their removal 
  • Roll Size - 61.5cm wide x 10m long. Our rolls are the equivalent to a US double roll providing 6 square metres per roll.

This wallpaper has obtained the following Fire and Flammability classifications.

North America
Class A - for ASTM Designation E84-15a. Comparable to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA No. 255 & UBC No. 8-1.

Building Codes Cited:
National Fire Protection Association, ANSI/NFPA No. 101, "Life Safety Code". International Building Code, Chapter 8, Interior Finishes, Section 803.

Australia & New Zealand
"Group 1" for AS/NZS Standards: AS/NZS 3837:1998
The Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Please Contact Us to request a copy of the fire certificates and test reports.

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At Milton & King, we’re not just a wallpaper company; we’re passionate about the impact of design on people’s lives. Our goal is to create lasting impressions with every product we create, leaving our customers with beautiful and unforgettable interiors. Our approach to speed and sustainability centres on a distributed manufacturing operation. This model relies on a global network of smaller, agile, and flexible factories situated near our customers, cutting down on the time needed to create, receive, schedule, and process orders.

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As a proud member of the Milton & King community, you’ll join a network of creative, passionate individuals who share your values and aspirations. We believe that collaboration breeds inspiration, and we actively encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences among our customers. Together, we can push the boundaries of design, challenge the status quo, and create spaces that truly inspire.

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