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Standard Pillow - L640 x W460 x H80 mm
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Made in Australia from Australian-grown buckwheat, with a 100% Organic Cotton cover, this pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck. Natural and renewable, and recommended by many care professionals. Fits a standard pillow case.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck. Plum up the pillow, then burrow your head in while leaving your shoulders on the bed. Adjust the position if necessary so that your neck is fully supported. You can add more hulls or remove hulls for a fuller or flatter pillow. This pillow has a similar feel and behaves in the same way as a wheat heat pack but do not put it in the microwave. Please keep in mind as with any new pillow it may take a week or so to adjust.

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    Pillows & Cases
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    Natural Pillows
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    The Natural Bedding Company
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    Posture pillows
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    Easy maintenance
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    No assembly required

Pillow Dimensions: 64cm x 46cm

Profile: approx. 8cm at its flattest

Please note pillow dimensions may vary by a few centimetres due to the natural variations of 100% natural material.

Guarantee & Product Care

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow will last for about 10 years with suitable care.

To keep your natural pillow fresh and increase its longevity, we recommend the use of a pillow protector as well as regular airing. Place The Buckwheat Hull Pillow in direct sunlight for a few hours every so often. If you need to wash the pillow, first remove the buckwheat hull and then wash the cotton outer. You may also like to top up the hull if you find that it breaks into smaller pieces over time.

For help with product care please email [email protected].

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