Cabasse THE PEARL PELEGRINA Wireless Speaker (each)

THE PEARL PELEGRINA, a true Masterpiece

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, Cabasse unveils the flagship of its connected speaker range: THE PEARL PELEGRINA. This new Hi-Fi system is the quintessence of Cabasse’s unique acoustic know-how and its latest connected technologies.


THE PEARL PELEGRINA, the Masterpiece of THE PEARL COLLECTION,  takes its name from a rare 55-carat pearl that was discovered in 1913 and dubbed « the incomparable ». Each of the 70 speaker pairs will bear a numbered plaque in this exclusive series.


THE PEARL PELEGRINA, will satisfy the most demanding music lovers, audiophiles who want the purest sounds, easy access to dematerialised digital music and the latest technological innovations in order to experience the realism and the pleasure of sound in their homes, each and every day as if they were elbow to elbow with concert performers. Owners will also have the privilege of enjoying a rare and unique piece!

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THE PEARL  PELEGRINA combines and synthesises 70 years of the best Cabasse know-how:

  • The famous tri-coaxial speaker – The TCA – present in THE SPHERE and Baltic V systems
  • Compact technologies: a sphere only 42cm in diameter capable of the highest level of performance
  • The culmination of over 20 years of Cabasse’s signal processing research
  • Evolving streaming technologies  thanks to embedded software
  • CRCS calibration (automatic room correction system) via a speaker-integrated microphone to optimise sound according to the listening room
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