Creative Windows is a custom steel fabricator and we manufacture top quality steel windows and doors to suit your design. The durability and strength of the steel profile differentiates itself from the rest of the market and the sleek steel framing brings a high aesthetic value to the property. Our specialised steel sector prides itself on fabricating the highest quality product for your project.

Our steel is imported from Jansen in Switzerland and manufactured in AustraliaThe impressive profile enables us to comply with the strictest of energy ratings.  Steel By Creative provides you with system solutions for steel windows, doors and facades. The strength of steel allows the possibility of large expanses of glass, allowing  natural light to flow through your entire project with the high quality that only steel can offer.

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Steel is known for its exceptionally strong properties in comparison with other building materials. These properties allow for greater loads and carrying ​capacities.

Steel lasts for a very long time and is an enormously durable solution.

The melting temperature of steel is considerably higher than for other structures. ​Jansen offers you fire-safe compartmentalisation systems with ​European, Belgian, and Dutch certification.

Because of steel’s strength, narrower profiles can be used. As steel makes larger glass dimensions possible, the entirety appears even slimmer. Proportionally more glass can be applied in the slenderer profiles to allow the interior space to maximise daylight access. ​The more daylight, the less artificial light is required. This looks good on your energy bill.

Welded structures are stronger and allow for larger dimensions. Steel windows and doors retain their stiffness and don’t sag with the passage of time. The strength of steel ensures a sturdy unit for years to come.

Due to the strength of steel and the welded corner joints, steel windows and doors are stronger and therefore offers more protection against vandalism and shocks in use-intensive environments. ​Steel windows and doors last longer for this reason. It is a long-term investment.

Jansen systems provide excellent insulation values (up to the passive house standard). As steel is 100% recyclable it is a sustainable choice and satisfies the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Steel’s high density makes good acoustic insulation possible. Not only ideal for schools, music centres and public buildings, but also for homes. ​ Steel provides the benefits of soundproofing ​whilst maintaining a very slimline design.

Steel is low-maintenance and does not require any special care. Our low maintenance systems allow for ease of use with minimal effort or upkeep.

Steel is more burglary resistant than other materials. Jansen provides burglary-resistant applications for every profile system. ​A steel door can also be repaired after an attempted break-in. ​​

Welded constructions reveal no visible joinery. This ensures strong assemblies and a beautiful smooth surface. Due to the strength achieved by this, even narrower assemblies than one may have first thought possible can be implemented.​ Steel is full of surprises!

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Creative Windows works in the specialist market of architect designed, custom made aluminium and steel windows, doors, louvres and skylights. We pride ourselves on our reliable products and excellent service to ensure your needs are met.

Our use of aluminium offers you a low maintenance, long lasting, corrosion resistant material that does not compromise the beauty and simplicity of your design.

Our steel designs provide flexibility with a sleek finish to satisfy any design brief.  By using commercial grade materials, fixtures and fittings, we offer an alternative to those customers for whom quality, workmanship and distinctive good looks are all important features. Creative Windows offer you an almost unlimited array of options, from frames to accessories; from installation to glazing; we can offer you a wide range of choices. ​

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.