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Ideal for Smaller Venues. High Performance. Low Maintenance. The best commercial steam room systems for businesses are the ones people already love to use. The Day Spa® Steam system is ideal for light commercial venues such as day spas and resort spas. Our steam bath system gives you everything you need to create the perfect steam experience for your customers, venue, and management. The result is a touchpoint experience that becomes more memorable, more revitalizing, and ultimately more gratifying.

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  • Spa Size: Ideal for smaller steam rooms no larger than 675 cu. ft. that are occupied by no more than two people at a time.
  • Industrial Grade: onstructed of 100% stainless steel inside and out, MrSteam CT Day Spa steam generators combine performance and aesthetics with reliability.
  • Hours of Usage: MrSteam Commercial CT Systems are ideal for two people at a time, and in operation less than six hours a day.

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Simmering beneath the surface with untapped energy, a geyser churns and bubbles with potential before bursting through the surface with surprising force and energy. It only surges to the surface when the time is right. For 10 years Geyser has dedicated time and due diligence, carefully weighing every element and calculating the perfect moment to choreograph its explosive reveal. Forward-thinking, considered, measured and innovative, Geyser has been building a solid foundation based on research, investigation, trial and tribulation to bring forth the very best in steam bathing. The strength lies not just in the eruption, but in the thoughtful, strategic dance that leads up to it. Welcome to Geyser.

Geyser's range of steam bathing equipment and products is supported Mr Steam, a 100-year-old company that services the steam bathing market with efficiency and effectiveness. They, like Geyser, are committed to excellence in the at-home wellness arena.

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