L3200 x W1600 x H12 mm

MAMO Sintered Stone® is a sustainable, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing material that combines the benefits of natural stone with the advantages of modern technology.

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MAMO Sintered Stone®

Size: 3200x1600x12mm

Finish: Honed

Face: Slab A / Slab B / Slab C

Pattern: Continuous

Code: 3236H/A ( or B or C)

Scope of use

MAMO Sintered Stone® is ultra-dense, non-porous, and highly resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and UV rays making it an attractive and functional choice for a variety of architectural and design projects such as:

  • Kitchen Benchtops & Splashbacks
  • Bathroom Surfaces
  • Flooring
  • Wall Cladding & Feature Walls
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Stairs & Steps
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Healthcare Environments
  • Laboratory Countertops
  • Public Spaces
  • Countertops & Table Tops

Sintered stone's versatility and performance characteristics make it a sought-after material in various design and construction applications.


+ Scratch resistant + Non-combustible + UV resistant + Anti-bacterial + Easy to clean + Lightweight + Non-porous + No sealing required

Veining Configuration

Slab A / Slab B / Slab C


Limited Lifetime Warranty (25 Years)

Sealing Requirements

No sealing required

Engineered Stone alternative

Yes - sintered stone is not classified as engineered stone under the recent ban. Sintered stone is a viable and safe alternative for specification that complies with all governmental standards.

Slab Thickness

6mm | recommended for interior cladding (e.g. kitchen drawers & cupboard doors), splashbacks, feature walls and external building facades.

12mm | best suited for kitchen & bathroom benchtops, table tops and countertops. Thicker edge profiles (e.g. 40mm) can be achieved with a mitre edge join by experienced and qualified fabricators.


MAMO Sintered Stone® is exclusively composed of natural minerals, devoid of resins as binders. Through a sintering process, the minerals undergo intense compressing pressure and high-temperature firing, leading to fusion. This unique sintering method results in a robust material suitable for many applications, both indoors and outdoors.

MAMO | Architectural Stone Surfaces®
Moorebank, New South Wales
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MAMO | Architectural Stone Surfaces®

The Mamo Hawaiian Bird

The Mamo was a Hawaiian bird considered to be sacred because of its vibrant yellow feathers. Its precious plumes were to create unique garments worn by royalty, including Kamehameha the Great, the first King of Hawaii.

The beauty and rarity of of this bird was revered globally.

But, like so many things prized for their beauty and rarity, the Mamo is now extinct.

A Kinship

MAMO sees a kinship between the beauty of the Mamo bird and the beauty of the natural stone. A beauty created naturally, that has been historically known for its use by the Royal and Aristocratic.

An Acknowledgement

Eager not to repeat the mistakes of the past, MAMO acknowledges that Natural Stone is a depreciating resource that needs to be treated with care and respect. So, in addition to natural stone, MAMO missions itself to supply sustainable and distinctive man-made stone collections such as Sintered Stone and Terrazzo.

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