A009070 Onyx
High Performance Luxury Vinyl
L250 x W1000 x H4.5 mm

Fractals, nature’s favorite pattern-making method, are repeating patterns at different scales. Following this, Drawn Lines layers filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms, creating a prismatic geometry in an array of scales. Note the detail of the never-ending pattern, a finely linear matrix with softly pooling areas of light and dark and no visible repeats. Drawn Lines LVT is offered in 10 colours - a palette of neutrals and a few accents, sorted from warm to cool with a thread of metallic adding shimmer and depth.

  • Category
    Commercial Grade Flooring, Vinyl Flooring
  • Brand
  • Warranty
    15 years

Product Number

  • A009

Product Construction

  • High Performance Luxury Vinyl Plank

Wear Layer Thickness

  • 22 MIL

Total Thickness (Metric)

  • 4.5 mm


  • EN 651 Class 42 (light industrial general)
  • EN 651 Class 33 (heavy contract)

Acoustic Impact Noise Reduction

  • ISO 140.8 ΔLw = 16dB


  • CERAMOR™ UV Stabilized Ceramic Bead Coating

Nominal Dimensions

  • 25cm x 100cm
Visual Code Collection

Visual Code™ is a collection of ten different patterns inspired by the symbiotic relationship of hi-tech and hi-touch, marrying images of glitch graphics and technicolor circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs.

Performance Specifications

Critical Heat Flux

  • AS ISO 9239-1 >7kW/m2

Smoke Rate

  • AS ISO 9239-1 <750%.min

Size & Squareness

  • ISO 24342 < 400 mm < 0.25 mm
  • ISO 24342 > 400 mm < 0.35 mm

Dimensional Stability

  • ISO 23999 <0.25%


  • 4.5 mm

Resistance to Light

  • ISO 105-B02 ≥6

Resistance to Heat

  • ASTM F1514 ΔE< 8 avg Max

Resistance to Chemicals

  • EN-ISO 26987 Passes

Reaction to Fire

  • EN ISO 13501-1 Class BFI-S1

VOC Test

  • ISO 10580 Pass


  • ISO 24344 Method A Pass

Static Load

  • ASTM F970 ≤0.005" with 1500 psi

Castor chair

  • ISO 4918 Pass

Thermal Conductivity

  • EN 12667 0.16 W/mK

Static Electrical

  • EN 1815 <2kV

Slip Resistance

  • AS 4586:2013 R10, P1
Environmental Specifications

Ingredients and Life Cycle Impacts

  • Environmental Product Declaration

Sustainability Assessment

  • NSF/ANSI 332, Meets Certification Guidelines


  • Contributes to IEQ: Low Emitting Materials; M&R: EPD and EPR

End of Life

  • Fully Recyclable LVT to Carpet Tile Backing Recycling

Full Life Cycle Carbon

  • Certified Carbon Neutral Floors™

All product specifications reflect averages derived from product sample testing, are subject to normal manufacturing and testing tolerances and inherent pattern variances, and may be changed without notice. For more information about these and other important attributes of the product(s) described herein, including recycled content and product warranty information, please see www.interface.com/disclaimer.

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