Ecosmart Ethanol Tequila 50 Fire Table | Graphite

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Limited Edition, exclusive model introducing the 'Tequila' fire table from Eco Smart in the colour 'graphite'. Elegant, simple and ever so functional, the Tequila 50 fire pit table is perfect for entertaining. With sufficient space to set down food or drinks, the fire becomes a welcoming destination for guests to gather around. With a sunken circular flame Tequila 50 certainly knows how to grab your attention.

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    Bioethanol Fireplaces, Outdoor Fire Pits
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  • Brand
  • Brand: Ecosmart
  • Colour: Graphite with black glass charcoal & Stainless-Steel Burner
  • Fuel: Bioethanol
  • Weight:  48.4kg
  • Materials: Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Burner:  AB8
  • Fuel Capacity: 8 Litres
  • Burn Time ( Approx):  7-11 hours
  • Minimum Room Size: 116 cubic metres
  • Application: Outdoor

Please Note:

Any accessories displayed are not included in price, fire screen NOT included, additional purchase to be made.

Delivery: Standard delivery provides ground delivery to the easiest access point on your property and does not include inside delivery, packaging removal, or assembly.

Scope of use
  • Versatile and Relocatable, with No complex utility connections, making the heater easy and fast to move.
  • Clean Burning and Sustainable: Using e-NRG bioethanol fuel makes eco-smart fires the most environmentally friendly fires you can have. They leave no soot or ash for a clean-burning flame that can be used indoors.
  • Tested worldwide Against several global standards, including the USA and the EU.
  • Fluid™ Concrete Technology's NEW proprietary technology offers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Ecosmart Ethanol Tequila Bone with Black Glass Charcoal & Stainless Steel Burner
  • The Ecosmart Tequila fire table has accessories to ensure its safe operation including Jerry Can, Fire Lighter, Lighting Rod and burner.
Buy E-NRG Bioethanol Fuel:

Fire up your bioethanol fire with the highest quality, cleanest burning bioethanol available. e-NRG is the only recommended fuel for use in EcoSmart Fires.  

Burning bioethanol fuel creates a beautiful, lively, dancing orange flame that is simply mesmerizing, with no smoke, soot or ash. And because they don't need a flue or chimney, you can enjoy an open fire more efficiently than ever. 


Is E-NRG Ethanol The Same As Gel Fuel? Can I Use Gel Fuel In My Fire?

  • e-NRG is a liquid fuel and is NOT the same as gel fuels. Gel fuels have added thickening agents that can reduce heat output and fuel efficiency. They can also leave a sticky residue on the burner, which will eventually affect safe operation. Gel fuels are used only on burners specifically designed to burn them. EcoSmart Fires are designed and manufactured to burn only e-NRG liquid ethanol. Other fuels, especially gels, are not recommended. Using brands other than e-NRG voids the burner’s warranty.

Does E-NRG Burn Yellow or Blue?

  • e-NRG is formulated to burn its signature bright orange colour consistently to maximise enjoyment from your e-NRG burning fireplace.

Is This The Same Ethanol I Can Buy At Gas Stations?

  • No. The ethanol sold at gas stations is in no way similar to e-NRG.

Can I Roast Marshmallows Or Perform Other Cooking Procedures Over The Fire?

  • e-NRG has been formulated and tested for burning purposes only. EcoSmart does not condone e-NRG to be used for any purpose other than for recommended use within our burners.

Is It Required That I Use A Jerry Can To Operate E-NRG Or Can I Pour E-NRG Directly Into The Burner?

  • Yes, we provide jerry cans, lighting rods and lighters with every burner because we want you to have the highest quality and safest experience possible when using our products. The jerry can ensure that you don’t splash ethanol when pouring or overfilling the burner.
  • If you add the adaptor to the e-NRG bottle the Safety Spout can be connected to the bottle - only then can you use the e-NRG bottle to fill the burner. Filling from the bottle without an attached safety spout can result in serious injury.

Can Other Ethanol Brands Be Used In Place Of E-NRG?

  • e-NRG is the only recommended fuel for use in EcoSmart Fires, and use of other fuel brands will void the warranty. We have not worked with or tested other ethanol brands in conjunction with our burners and cannot speak to their performance or safety. Different brands can also leave residue or unsightly staining; no one wants a dirty burner.
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