The Estelon XB Mk II shares its predecessor’s qualities of impeccable audio reproduction, along with the curved-sculptural styling that is tailored to excel in a smaller listening environment. It remains true to the X-Series’ expansive soundscape delivering a precise performance.

The upgraded XB Mk II sports a redesigned crossover network, along with new cabling, that assist in the refined balance, crystal-clear clarity, and the most accurate reproduction. The perfect speaker system for those seeking to experience thrilling sound throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

  • Category
    Floor Standing Speakers
  • Range
  • Brand
  • Type: Passive speaker, Bass reflex
  • Drivers:  Woofer: 220 mm (8,7-inch) Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome, Mid-woofer: 158 mm (6,25-inch) Accuton, ceramic membrane, Tweeter: 25 mm (1-inch) Accuton, ceramic inverted dome
  • Internal Wiring:  Kubala-Sosna pure copper
  • Frequency Response:  22-30 000 Hz
  • Power Rating:  150 W
  • Nominal Impedance:  6 ohms (min 3,5 ohms at 50 Hz)
  • Sensitivity:  87 dB / 2,83 V
  • Minimal Amplifier Power:  30 W
  • Dimensions:  Height: 1260 mm (49.6-inch), Width: 420 mm (16.5-inch), Depth: 590 mm (23.2-inch),
    Net weight: 69 kg per piece
  • Cabinet Material:  Marble based composite
  • Recommended Room Size:  20-50 m²
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