EzyReveal Steel Window Reveals

Eliminate architraves and create pure clean lines for square set interiors using EzyReveal®. Manufactured from cold rolled steel EzyReveal® provides a strong and secure reveal eliminating warping, twisting, cracking, and damage from UV rays. Installation is simple. The strong and durable metal rollformed EZ Concept sections have pre-punched perforated sides for fixing and have a specially formulated surface finish for a seamless plasterboard connection.

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    Window Mouldings
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    Ez Concept
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    Ez Concept

Available in Square Set, Window and Custom Window Reveals, protect your windows whilst boosting your interior aesthetics with EzyReveal.

Product Advantages
  • Designed for quick and economical finishing of reveals from 20 to 250mm
  • 20 width variants to suit various applications
  • Specially formulated surface finish for seamless connection with the plasterboard
  • EzyReveal can be used with PVC finish trim to create custom-size reveals
  • Custom made width and length EzyReveal available

EzyReveal 20mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA20

  • W: 20mm 
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 25mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA25

  • W: 25mm 
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 30mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA30

  • W: 30mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 35mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA35

  • W: 35mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 40mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA40

  • W: 40mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 45mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA45

  • W: 45mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 50mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA50

  • W: 50mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 60mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA60

  • W: 60mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 65mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA65

  • W: 65mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 70mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA70

  • W: 70mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 80mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA80

  • W: 80mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 90mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA90

  • W: 90mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 100mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA100

  • W: 100mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 110mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA110

  • W: 110mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 120mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA120

  • W: 120mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 135mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA135

  • W: 135mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 150mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA150

  • W: 150mm
  • L: 3000 & 3600mm

EzyReveal 180mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA180

  • W: 180mm
  • L: 3000mm

EzyReveal 200mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA200

  • W: 200mm
  • L: 3000mm

EzyReveal 250mm x 0.8 Reveal angle - RA250

  • W: 250mm
  • L: 3000mm
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