Janua | MJ 01 Wall Clock | American Walnut

D50 x ⌀500 mm - 20kg

MJ 01 is a wall clock with steel.‎ The dial and hands of this wall clock are available in a wide variety of finishes.‎ For some models it is also possible to choose between different diameters.‎

It's really time to get issues like sustainability right.‎ Therefore, JANUA has created new accessories from its production leftovers.‎ Matching the innovative and unique surfaces, the respective accessories can now be combined.‎

Wood is the epitome of durability, tradition and simplicity.‎ So is steel and stone as another building block of the wall clocks. Also with the new upcycling collection JANUA puts a lot of emphasis on quality, regional production and sustainability.‎ Due to the natural grain of the wood, each clock is unique and is handmade.‎

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    Manuel + Johannes

Dimensions: Diameter 50 x 5cm
Material: Oiled natural american walnut | Bronze glazed steel

SKU: janua-mj01-wall-clock-large-50cm-walnut-bronze-glaze-Oiled natural american walnut | Bronze glazed steel
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