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Welcome to GNJ Smart Homes, where innovation meets elegance in the world of smart lock technology. Our award-winning locks are a testament to our commitment to quality and design, setting us apart from the rest. 

Designed and made in Korea, our locks boast number of features such as auto locking, remote password generation, smart alarms, auto opening at approach, 400Mhz wireless connection integration and more, ensuring seamless connectivity and security for your home. 

With firmware capability for build to sell and build to rent properties as well as master fob for building management, construction and permanent key supply, potential integration with building access solution and supply only or supply install package for new developments, we offer a level of convenience and sophistication that is unmatched in the new commercial developments. 

Experience the future of home security with GNJ Smart Homes, where every detail is crafted with precision and undergoes intense quality control to guarantee your peace of mind. 

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.