Long-format linear bricks, proudly made in Australia.

The Milan Series Long Brick range is specially designed for discerning architects, builders, developers, and homeowners who have a keen eye for style.

These bricks are not just unique and elegant, but they also create a strikingly different visual effect compared to their traditionally-sized counterparts. 

Skillfully blending time-honoured techniques with cutting-edge technology, this new series flaunts extended dimensions of 320 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm. 

Impeccably crafted and straight, these bricks are a testament to Australian brickmaking excellence.

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    Long Bricks – Milan Series
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    Littlehampton Bricks
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Introducing the Milan Series

History of Long Bricks

Long bricks have a very long and interesting history.

Often referred to as ‘Roman’ bricks due to their excessive use in early Roman architecture.

You can see many different buildings in Rome, including the world-famous Colosseum (built almost 2000 years ago), which still stands today made from these long, linear ‘roman’ clay bricks!

More recently, longer bricks are popular for higher-end developments, unique builds and projects wanting a distinctive appearance that looks both stylish and out-of-the-ordinary.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in using long bricks or your project, then get in touch with our friendly team!

We are happy to collaborate with early adopters and innovators who want a unique product for their project – so if this is you, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information about our range of unique, 100% Australian-made bricks – take a look at our collections


Length (mm) - 320

Width (mm) -100

Height (mm) - 50

Dimensional Category - DWO

Approx. Weight/Unit (kg) - 2.0

Core Volume (%) - <25

Approx. Units Per m2 - 52

Pack Size - 475

Compressive Strength (MPa) - 28.0

Cold Water Absorption (%) - 7

Initial Rate of Absorption (kg/m2/min) - 0.1 -2.5

e-Factor (mm/m) - <0.5

Durability Class - Exposure Grade

Liability to Effloresce - Nil to Slight

Lime Pitting Liability - Nil to Slight

Solar Absorptance Rating - Medium

FRL (Min) - 120/120/120

Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers
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Littlehampton Brick is one of Australia’s oldest and most awarded brickmakers.

For well over 120 years Littlehampton has established a name as Australia’s boutique brick manufacturer. Famous for bespoke textures, colours and finishes on the range of bricks and pavers. All products are totally unique and many made using custom production methods – exclusive to Littlehampton Brick.

Littlehampton supplies bricks and pavers to projects all over Australia and exports internationally. Some notable projects include Pavers in Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney and Disneyland Shanghai, China.

Littlehampton Bricks is known as a first choice for architects and designers due to the unique range of products and ability to customise colours, styles and crafting special shapes for projects. Being a boutique manufacturer means Littlehampton can remain agile and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of design.

With over 120 years and over 3 generations of family ownership, the entire team at Littlehampton take great pride in the products they produce.

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.