Loose Random Macedon Wall Cladding

Prolific Stone International offers an exquisite collection of wall cladding solutions, and the Macedon Wall Cladding is no exception. This natural stone cladding product boasts a unique, random pattern that can create a stunning visual impact in any indoor or outdoor space. In addition, Macedon Wall Cladding’s distinctive texture and colour variations add a touch of rustic charm to any design project.

Furthermore, Macedon is a versatile option that can enhance any architectural style. Its irregular shape and size add a sense of depth and dimension to walls, pillars, and other features. This allows for greater design flexibility and creativity.

Moreover, Loose Random Macedon Wall Cladding is highly durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It is resistant to weathering and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations. As a result, this makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications, such as feature walls, garden walls, and retaining walls.

Additionally, the installation of the Macedon Cladding is straightforward and can be achieved with minimal effort. The loose pattern allows for easy customisation, ensuring that every project has a unique and personalised look. This saves time and effort during the installation process.

In conclusion, Macedon Wall Cladding is a stunning and versatile solution that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Its unique loose random pattern and durability make it a popular choice for designers and architects.

  • Category
    Masonry and Stone, Landscaping Rocks, Stones and Pebbles
  • Brand
    Prolific Stone
  • Sawn Back
  • Up To 50cm Width / Thickness 2 - 3.5cm
  • Earthy Brown and Golden Orange highlights
Scope of use

Architecture, Building, Commercial, Dry Stack, Landscape architecture, Landscape Design, Landscaping, Rock Wall, Stack Stone, Stackstone, Stone Cladding, Stone Walling, Walling

Stone Wall Installation:

To install stone wall cladding, one needs to have the skill and pay attention to detail.

The process involves several steps, such as preparing the surface, applying adhesive, and placing the stones. The surface requires cleaning and levelling to ensure proper adhesion of the stones.

Adhesive is applied to the surface and the back of each stone. Then, one carefully places the stone onto the surface, ensuring proper alignment and spacing. Finally, one secures the stones in place using grout or mortar.

Proper installation is critical to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome and ensure the longevity and durability of the stone cladding

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