Maddox Foot Rail - 75mm Projection


The Maddox foot rail draws attention to and completes the tailoring of bespoke kitchens and bars.

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    Savage Design
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    Savage Design
  • Warranty
    7 years
  • 300mm – 1200mm have x2 standoffs. Position is adjustable.
  • 1500mm – 2400mm have x3 standoffs. Position is adjustable.
Assembling Maddox

All Maddox products come in components and need to be assembled. In most scenarios you will need a measuring tape and to use an electric drill/screwdriver. You may also need wall plugs depending on what material you are fixing Maddox to (please contact us for support).

Included - All necessary Maddox components, grub screws, 8G x 20mm counter sunk stainless steel screws

SKU: 3D158-A-75PR-300-BR
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About the

With over 4 generations of experience, Savage Design creates stunning Australian design furniture for clients to feel truly proud of their home. We seek Engineered Beauty – the balance of honest design, master craftmanship, and sound knowledge of materials.

We have been doing this for over a century from our factory and offices in Sydney Australia. The outcome of Engineered Beauty is translated into real world objects: furniture, lighting, hardware, and homewares made of premium metals suitable for curated spaces and the lives of the design conscious.

Honest Design

In creating and sustaining an ethical and accountable business we strive to evaluate our designs culturally, environmentally and financially. Savage Design controls every aspect of the lifecycle of our product: from concept to design, to manufacture, to sales and after sales. Throughout the design phase we are stringent in our expectations for longevity and consistency of our products. We do not just focus on aesthetics, but the intrinsic message associated with our designs. Honest design is achieved when purpose, material selection and proportions come together with simplicity to create a timeless form.

Master Craftsmanship

The lived experience at Savage Design is one of connection to place, and to the mode of production. Metal machining produces a very particular visual language – one of repetition, of cleanliness, of geometry and of sharpness. We have been crafting our art for over a century, and during this time we have collated a vast range of items produced by our team. These items sit on a master table at our factory. A cityscape of untapped aesthetic potential, this collection tells a story of craft, of knowledge and of heritage. You will see in our products a visual love-letter to this language of the factory, of machining, of engineered beauty.


At Savage Design we do not see material as a choice but as an outcome; a design outcome that takes into consideration functionality, production, aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability. Material choice, and material treatment, is a foundational element of our designs and of the story of our products. Our environment has influenced the materials we use to tell our story, but the story of our products does not stop there, they await new environments within which the materials we choose to design with will age naturally, appropriately and beautifully. Each object with these living finishes will be handled in a unique way, with edges, patterns, and smooth surfaces all burnishing back or patinating differently to highlight the design and manufacture elements of our products. We love living finishes for the story it tells of time and place, and of how things are used, leaving traces of moments of the past.

At ArchiPro we recognise and acknowledge the existing, original and ancient connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the lands and waterways across the Australian continent. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. We commit to working together to build a prosperous and inclusive Australia.