NOHRD Eau-Me Balance Board

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Solid Hardwood and Water
L640 x W640 x H170 x ⌀640 mm - 8kg

The Eau-Me Board is a new generation of the balance board. The innovative design incorporates a water-filled tank that reacts against the user’s movement, providing an extra dimension to balance and core stability training.

The Eau-Me Board serves to improve the effectiveness of training exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. Performing these exercises on the balance board encourages the body to use its stabilising muscles to maintain balance during each movement, thus increasing coordination and core strength. Large muscle groups are also challenged more significantly when exercised on an unstable platform. Please note, it is recommended that the Eau-Me Board is used on an exercise mat.

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    1 year
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    Commercial and Residential
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Height: 17 cm

Diameter: 64cm

Weight (with water): 8kg

Maximum user weight:250 kg

Maximum user height: Suitable for all



The Eau-Me Board is all about balance, challenging the user with a constantly unsteady, shifting base. Compensatory movements required to maintain balance serve to develop the body's neuromuscular system.


In contrast to other balance boards, the Eau-Me Board uses water to add an extra dimension to balance training. Water flows in the direction of an unbalanced movement, exaggerating its impact to develop the user's balance and coordination.


Suitable for all fitness levels. Exercises on the Eau-Me Board improve balance, strength, posture, and coordination.


Exercise on a balance board trains coordination and a sense of balance. The multitude of compensation movements required to maintain balance engages deep musculature. Furthermore, Eau-Me Board use engages your core muscles, automatically improving posture and actively helping prevent back pain.


The appealing aesthetic and compact design of the Eau-Me Board allows it to be used in all manner of residential and commercial fitness settings. Easy to carryThe Eau-Me Board can be moved to whichever location you would like to do your training.


A Harvard Medical School report asserts that balance training restores knee and ankle function after injury while acting to prevent future injury. The same report found balance training helps to reduce the risk of falls in older adults with balance problems and women with low bone mass.



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