NOHRD WallBars Ash - 10 Bars

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Solid Hardwood
D560 x W790 x H2300 mm - 14kg

An update on the gymnasium classic, NOHRD WallBars are an exceptionally versatile training aid.

High-quality and durable, the curved silhouette of the WallBars will effortlessly blend into any surroundings. Suitable for strength, mobility, and coordination exercises. The WallBars retractable arm can be pulled out to enable pull-ups and other bodyweight suspension exercises. A range of accessories can be attached tothe WallBars to expand the range of possible exercises.

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    Fitness Equipment
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    1 year
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    Commercial and Residential
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    Easy maintenance
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    Tools required
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Height: 230 cm

Width: 79cm

Depth (arm folded): 56 cm

Depth (arm unfolded: 51cm

Weight: 14 kg

Indvidual bar diameter: 38 mm

Maximum user weight: 120 kg

Maximum user height: Suitable for all heights

Wall fixings:4 x M8 bolt and rawl plug (included)

Warranty: 3 years parts, 5 years frame



To many, wall bars are reminiscent of school PE lessons. A stylish update on an old school classic, the NOHrDWallBars elegantly curved form is sure to enhance the aesthetic of any gym.


Extend the range of exercises possible in your gym without taking up extra space. NOHrD WallBars protrude just 13cm out from the wall making them suitable for even the most compact gym set-up.


NOHrD WallBars can be used for strength, mobility and coordination exercise. The WallBars are equally suited to elite athletes, users rehabbing from an injury, or those that are new to fitness training.


Use the WallBars' foldout bar for pull-ups and other suspension training exercises. The foldout bar is easy to open and click securely into place.


Constructed from solid wood, with integrated safety cord and durable wall fixtures. Rigorous testing has been done to ensure the WallBars are suitable for use in a full commercial gym environment.

10 OR 14 BARS

The NOHrD WallBars are available with either 10 or 14 bars. The difference between the two options is the distance between the bars, which is 10 cm on the 14 bar WallBarsand 18 cm on the 10 bar WallBars. The smaller increments between bars on the 14 bar option provide a greater choice of where to hold on to (or fasten additional equipment) which extends the range of exercises possible for users of all shapes and sizes.


Enables a range of strength and core stability exercises. Train against your bodyweight by sitting or laying on the Combi-Trainer bench and pulling the cable handles.


Hook onto any rung to use the Multi-Adapter for triceps dips or turn over for the horizontal bar to fold out. Both options enable and additional exercises to be completed with the WallBars.


Clips securely onto the WallBars to enable arange of incline bench exercises. When not in use the bench is stored vertically on the WallBars and can be used as a back support for other exercises.

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Our equipment at WATERROWER NOHRD is not just a feat of engineering excellence; it is also a symbol of environmentally conscious craftsmanship. Constructed using ethically sourced wood and environmentally friendly materials, each piece is a commitment to sustainability. 

By prioritizing renewable resources and employing eco-conscious manufacturing processes in both Germany for our NOHRD products and the USA for our WATERROWER products, they not only deliver a superior workout experience but also minimize their environmental footprint. This fusion of innovation and sustainability makes our equipment a standout choice for those who value both performance and planet stewardship.

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