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Solid Surface Luxury Freestanding Bathtubs

These solid surface, luxury, flat bottom, freestanding bathtubs resemble a hammock. Done in Stone Resin these baths, bridge between two walls. They are a worlds first in tub design.

The Oasis is the most relaxing solid bathtub you will ever have the pleasure of bathing in. The elegance of the Oasis will be the feature of your bathroom.

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FREESTANDING TUB DETAILS: Luxury Freestanding Bathtub suspended between 2 walls

BATHTUB MATERIALS: Solid Surface/Stone Resin


Metric Bath Size: 1800mm Long x 900mm wide x 586mm high

U.S. Imperial Tub Size: 70.86 inches in length and 34.43 inches in width and 23.1 inches deep.


140kg in metric and in US Imperial it is 308 pounds.


The smaller 1800mm hammock bathtub:  150 litres of water with a depth of 586mm.

In the United States of America the weight capacity is: 39.6g of bathtub water for the 70.86″ tub and 23.1 inches deep.

WARRANTY: 5yrs manufacturers

DELIVERY: We deliver to the USA, UK, AUS, CHINA and worldwide.

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A Hammock bathtub is freestanding modern tub design with a revolutionary difference. It’s floating! This luxury bath design boasts as the most comfortable deep soaking bath in the world with its unique solid surface material and plush hammock style.

This one of a kind luxurious modern deep bathtub appears to be floating in air allowing you to escape your day to day life. With resort lifestyle living in mind this innovative design has the bath volume to allow you and/or another to lie back comfortably and relax fully immersed in water.

Its indulgent large bath shape brings unique comfort and style to a bathtub whilst retaining functionality. The style provides a striking piece of bathroom furniture that is both beautiful and practical.

Made from sturdy and durable solid surface acrylic material, which is silken to touch and easy clean, the Hammock Bath is everything you need from a luxury freestanding bathtub.

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