Pizzaioli Rustic 100 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Pizzaioli 120 Large Wood Fired Pizza Oven is perfect for larger families or big entertainers. Measuring 100cm internally, it fits at least 4 large pizzas at the time. And since the cooking time for Italian pizza in the Pizzaioli is only 2 to 3minutes you can manage to feed a bigger crowd in no time if you wish.

The Pizzaioli pizza oven looks nice in your outdoor area as a stand alone on for example a brick stand, or as part of your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. It can be outside since the sealant finish protects it from the elements. Also, the chimney outlet and door are in stainless steel. However, just like with a bbq, use an oven cover if you don't use it for a while or in rainy seasons to avoid the bricks inside the dome from absorbing humidity. Or you can set it up on your patio, under an awning or on your verandah. We have extension chimneys to go through the roof if needed.

Hand made for you in the south of Portugal from all natural materials. As our other brick ovens, this pizza oven is made from refractory bricks, and is then covered with insulating cement, an insulating blanket and another layer of insulating cement, so it is triple insulated. It is finished with a structured white render. If you prefer your oven coloured as per our photos, we have a complimentary supply of high performance acrylic outdoor sealant in the terra cotta, sand or charcoal colour.

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    Outdoor Pizza Ovens
  • Refractory brick oven built by hand, triple insulated and ready to use
  • Typical Italian pizza oven shape for the best results
  • Stainless Steel door structure and large 50cm wide oven door
  • Stainless steel chimney (1 m) with cap
  • Chimney valve for smoking of fish, meats and more
  • Structured render finish in white for optimum protection
  • Acrylic outdoor sealant if you wish to colour your oven
  • Laser handheld gun thermometer for more accurate temperature reading
  • Handmade Portuguese terra cotta oven dish
  • Digital booklet with tips, instructions and plenty of recipes
  • Internal: W93-95 x D100 x H38-40 cm
  • External: W120 x D120 x H65 cm
  • Rounded corners on the slab
  • Weight: 850 kgs
  • Fits 4 large oven dishes
  • Pizza capacity: 4 pizzas 30 c
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The beauty of wood-fired cooking, by My-woodfired oven.

Giuseppe is originally from Salento, Italy, and food is an important part of the lifestyle. It is all about sharing and caring when friends and family catch up around the table. 

Over the years we have continuously researched new techniques that could improve the performance, the size and the design of the classic large wood oven from Mum’s kitchen. For us, wood-fired ovens are not just a simple cooking device. So we have created gourmet pizza ovens that are easy to use, outstanding in performance and a pleasure to look at. 

They are convenient so that you can enjoy it often. For your everyday family meals, for a night at home with your friends, a pizza party for the kids, or your homemade bread. 

Their performance will surprise you. Our ovens have their secrets which you will appreciate when you start cooking. They're functional and stylish, and ad that finishing touch to your outdoor area, creating an attractive gathering place for happy times, while enjoying and sharing good food.

Whether you are a large or a small family, or you have lots of friends to entertain, we have the right size wood-fired oven for you.

Our passion for and experience with wood-fired cooking has allowed us to develop the ovens that we bring to you with high performing standards. They are handmade with the best materials to last, altogether these are the best ingredients for the perfect wood-fired oven. My-Woodfiredoven ovens, the stylish centrepiece of your outdoor area.

Giuseppe's story:

"Being Italian, good food is important to me. My passion for wood-fired cooking comes from my childhood memories, we had a wood-fired oven in the backyard where my mother would bake the bread and then put a pignata or meat or soup to slow cook in the retained heat. I guess that is why I know exactly what I want from a wood-fired oven. I am very specific about how an oven should perform. "

He believes everybody should have the chance to cook in a wood-fired oven. It is such a genuine, social and entertaining way of cooking! It takes us back to times where food was actually simple but good. Healthy food is growing in popularity and having your own wood fired oven can help you create simple and healthy meals for your loved ones. And get them together!

Let it become part of your life too!

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