Rocco | Concrete Basin

Matte White
D390 x H120 mm

The perfection of imperfection, this is the nature of concrete. Each CBFD concrete basin is unique and one of a kind, with its own character and charm.  Our basins are made from raw and traditional materials, embracing natural variations in colour and finish over time. Like a fine wine, the appeal of concrete grows as it ages.

Unlike ceramic or metallic alternatives, concrete basins break the monotony of uniformity and develop their own personalities. With a range of colours and finishes, our basins will live and thrive in a variety of spaces for years to come.

CBFD basins combine a mixture of concrete materials such as stone, sand and cement to form an extremely robust product. Further to this, the basin is finished with a water based nano glaze sealant to provide protection against scratching and stains. The sealer also creates a smooth finish to the basin which acts as a repellent, allowing water and other debris to easily flow off the surface.

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    CBFD Concrete
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    CBFD Tiles
  • Warranty
    24 months
  • Basin Dimensions: 390mm D x 120mm H
  • Waste Hole Dimensions: 45mm diameter
  • Basin Weight: 9kg
  • Above counter concrete basin
  • Industrial exterior finish
  • Smooth interior finish
  • Matte finish
  • Nano Glaze Sealed
  • No overflow
  • 32mm waste required (available separately)
Care Instructions

Concrete is a hardy material that will last for years if properly maintained. In order to maximise the lifetime of your concrete basin, please follow these tips:

  • Use PH neutral cleaners: Use a gentle PH neutral cleaner or warm soapy water to clean your basin. Using alternative cleaners may damage the sealer on your basin and affect warranty.
  • Acid is your enemy. Do not use acidic cleaning products. High acidic contents are common in a lot of cleaning products, so take care to seek out their non-acidic counterparts.
  • Avoid abrasive and sharp materials. When cleaning or drying the basin be sure not to use anything that could scratch the surface. A soft microfibre cloth or sponge is recommended.
  • Clean up spills immediately. While sealer and wax will provide a strong level of protection against staining liquids, it is always best to clean up spills as soon as possible.
  • Keep it dry after use. Minimise the time the basin is full of water. A general rule of thumb is to not keep a basin filled with water for longer than 15 minutes. Drying the basin with a soft fabric after use will further extend its life.
  • Protect the sealer with wax. We recommend applying a food safe wax (such as bees wax) every 4-6 months. This will help protect the sealer and keep your basin looking fresh!
  • Avoid the heat! Hot liquids, oils, and materials will damage the surface of the concrete if left to linger. Safely and carefully remove any exposure to these hot liquids or materials if necessary.
  • Use sink protectors and placemats. Reducing exposure to hot or scratching dishes and cups will keep your basin safe from any marks or stains.
  • Keep the basin out of sunlight. Sunlight will gradually erode the surface of concrete. Make sure your concrete basin is in a place where sunlight exposure is limited.
  • Keep weight off the basin. Concrete is strong, but to avoid creating cracks in the surface, do not put any heavy objects on or in the basin. Additionally, do not sit, stand, or lean on the concrete.
CBFD Concrete Range

Browse our beautiful range of concrete basins and matching pop up wastes, with over 45 products (and counting) stocked and ready to dispatch.

Unlike ceramic or metallic alternatives, concrete basins break the monotony of uniformity and develop their own personalities. With a range of colours and finishes, our basins will live and thrive in a variety of spaces for years to come.

Nano Glaze Sealed | Matte Finish | Robust Construction | 2 Year Warranty

Warranty Information

CBFD concrete basins have a 24-month warranty on the structural integrity of the basin. The warranty period begins from time of dispatch from CBFD warehouse and covers replacement product only.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damages caused by misuse in accordance with our care instructions.
  • Damages due to incorrect installation, including cracking due to over tightening of waste. It is important not to overtighten the waste when being installed, as this can build up pressure inside the basin. Your basin should be installed by a licensed professional and follow the installation instructions provided in the box.
  • Damages due to natural wear and tear.
  • Damages due to the sealer breaking down from incorrect use and maintenance.
  • Visual and natural changes to the product over time. Concrete is a natural product and may develop pin holes, patina, changes in colour and finish. This does not affect the integrity of the basin.
  • Scratches to the concrete. Whilst our sealer is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof. Scratches and marks over time are natural with concrete add to its character.
  • Accidental damage or chipping of the basin.
  • Change of mind. Please be sure to choose your basin correctly and understand the nature of concrete. Exchanges or refunds will not be given for change of mind or misunderstanding of product. We recommend seeing samples at your chosen retailer or purchasing samples from CBFD before selecting your basin.
  • Commercial use.


Due to the nature of these products, CBFD does not offer returns for change of mind, misunderstanding of product/variations or incorrect ordering. A return or replacement will be accepted if goods are deemed faulty before installation. CBFD must be notified of any returns within 7 days of original delivery date.

IMPORTANT: Check your basin before installing to make sure you have ordered and received the correct item and that it has no visual defects. CBFD takes no responsibility in relation to defects or incorrect items after installation takes place.


Installation instructions are provided inside each box and must be adhered to in accordance with our warranty. Your basin should be installed by a licensed professional.

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