Sacred Lily


The large lily pads that stretch out to the edges of the composition, dominating the entire painting, symbolise the abundance of lily pads that gently floated everywhere throughout the billabong.

The dark green strokes that interlay with the delicate white lines, twist and turn the lilies into a kaleidoscope of colour, pulling the viewer into their trance. Hidden within the luminous greenery of the lily pad leaves are bright pink lotus flowers, their aura and vibrant energy made it impossible for me to look away.

This reminded me of the Greek parable of the Lotus-Eater, whereby Odysseus and his men had lived off the sweet, intoxicating lotus flower fruit, transcending them into a perpetual state of forgetfulness.

Like these men, I was stopped in time when I saw the lotus flowers, so captivated and transfixed by their beauty I wasn’t aware of how many hours had passed by as I floated down the billabong.

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Australia’s most exciting emerging contemporary visual artist, Lara Scolari’s gestural paintings have made a serious splash on the international art scene.

"I have learnt not to get too caught up in the outcomes but to just let the process happen and the magic will come".

Lara Scolari produces exquisite statement artworks for Architects, Interior Designers, Home Owners, Stylists and Decorating Professionals that give the WOW factor, and enhance and complete a space.

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