Saunum Classic Mini

Introducing the Saunum Classic Mini, a compact yet luxurious addition to your home sanctuary. Crafted with the same attention to detail and quality materials as its larger counterpart, the Classic Mini brings the essence of a traditional sauna experience into a more intimate space.

Measuring at a width of 2100mm and a depth of 1860mm, this sauna offers a snug retreat while still providing ample room for relaxation. Constructed with sturdy impregnated wood base beams and featuring interior walls and ceilings adorned with alder, the Classic Mini exudes timeless elegance.

Enter through the striking black aluminium-framed door, adorned with sleek grey tempered glass, and indulge in tranquility. Floor-to-ceiling windows, similarly encased in black aluminium frames with tempered glass, welcome natural light to illuminate the interior, creating an expansive atmosphere.

Take comfort in the interior's alder benches, backrests, and floor grids, meticulously designed for ergonomic support. Illumination is provided by LED strips behind the backrest and beneath the upper bench, casting a warm glow that enhances the sauna experience.

For added functionality and luxury, the Classic Mini comes equipped with a rainwater gutter system, Bluetooth speakers for soothing melodies, remote-controlled interior lights, and a skirt between the benches for enhanced appeal.

Experience the restorative power of the sauna in the compact elegance of the Saunum Classic Mini.

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Saunum is at the forefront of redefining the sauna experience, offering unrivaled quality and innovation. Our cutting-edge products represent a leap forward in sauna technology, marking the most significant advancements in over 70 years. Developed through meticulous research and powered by proprietary technology, our solutions create a uniquely revitalizing and invigorating sauna climate. Indulge in a blissful, full-body relaxation that transforms your home sauna into a sanctuary of pure rejuvenation. Discover the pinnacle of sauna excellence with Saunum, where innovation meets luxury.

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Saunum is on a mission to inspire individuals to embrace the sauna as a profoundly enjoyable and rejuvenating method of nurturing their health and well-being. Central to our ethos is the development of intelligent, secure, and premium sauna solutions that combine contemporary design, seamless functionality, and delightfully straightforward user experiences. We are passionate about creating smart, safe, and high-quality products that enhance the sauna journey, making it an integral part of a healthier lifestyle.

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