2316002 Mica
100% Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn
L250 x W1000 x H6.9 mm

Nature finds a way to carpet the ground with endless textures blended in seamless compositions without ever drawing a straight line. Essence III was inspired by this design scheme–organic forms and curvilinear lines that fall effortlessly together without even revealing the shape of the tile that carries the pattern. Essence III Collection has five distinct patterns that explore nature’s floors from the forest to the prairie and places in between. Its plank format lends itself to a more broadloom-like installation by minimizing the end seams and elongating the sides where the pattern flows and connects.

  • Category
    Commercial Grade Flooring, Carpet Flooring
  • Brand
  • Warranty
    15 years
  • Type
    Carpet tiles

Product Construction

  • Tufted Loop Pile

Yarn System

  • 100% Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon

Yarn Manufacturer

  • Aquafil

Dye Method

  • 100% Solution Dyed

Soil/Stain Protection

  • Protekt²®

Preservative Protection

  • Intersept®

Tufted Pile Weight

  • 780.00 g/m²

Machine Gauge

  • 1/10th Gauge


  • 40.00 ends/10cm

Pile Thickness

  • 3.90 ± 0.5mm

Total Thickness

  • 6.9 ± 0.5mm

Size Description

  • 25cm x 1m

Backing Structure

  • GlasBac™
Performance Specifications


  • Commercial Heavy Duty & Stairs

Stability - Delaminating

  • ASTM D3936 ≥ 2.5lbs/in
  • AS/NZS 2111.16 ≥ 50 Newtons

Stability - Dimensional Stability

  • ISO 2551 ≤ 0.2%
  • ISO/PAS 18984 < 0.2%

Stability - Tuft Bind

  • AS/NZS 2111.15 >30 Newtons

Wear - Vetterman Drum

  • TWC-TM247 / TWC-TM251 / TWC-TM284 Colour: ≥3 & Structure: ≥3
  • BS ISO 10361 Overall Change ≥ 3.5

Colour Fastness to Light

  • AATCC 16E ≥ 4
  • AS2001 1.4.21 ≥ 4

Colour Fastness to Rubbing and Crocking

  • AATCC 165 ≥ 4
  • AS/NZS2111.19.1 ≥ 4

Colour Fastness to Water

  • AATCC 107 ≥ 4
  • AS2001.4.21 ≥ 4

Flammability - Methanamile Pill

  • BS6307/ISO 6925 Radius ≤ 7.6

Flammability - Radiant Panel

  • ASTM E648 Class 1
  • ISO 9239-1 B1

Flammability - Smoke density

  • ASTM E662 Density ≤ 450


  • AATCC 134 < 3000 Volts
Generic Tests

Acoustic - Nylon

  • Absorption Coefficient - NRC ≥ 0.10

Dynamic Loading

  • AS/NZS 2111.2 < 12.5% loss

Green Carpet (VOC)

  • ASTM D5116 Accredited
  • ISO 10580 Accredited

Static Loading

  • AS/NZS2111.13 < 6% Loss
  • ISO 015/3415 Thickness after 60 mins recovery >85%

Thermal Resistance

  • ASTM C518 R Value ≥ 0.5
Environmental Specifications

Recycled Content %

  • 25-69

Other Environmental Claims

Ingredients and Life Cycle Impacts

End of Life

  • Carpet to Carpet Recycling

Full Life Cycle Carbon

  • Certified Carbon Neutral Floors™

All product specifications reflect averages derived from product sample testing, are subject to normal manufacturing and testing tolerances and inherent pattern variances, and may be changed without notice. For more information about these and other important attributes of the product(s) described herein, including recycled content and product warranty information, please see www.interface.com/disclaimer.

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