Standing Seam Roofing

The double lock standing seam system is a traditional flat-tray roofing system with a raised 25mm high seam. All fixings are concealed using stainless steel clips that allow for expansion and contraction in the roof panels. The pan widths are customisable using our state of the art manufacturing equipment to the millimetre allowing total control over your designs. It reflects the individual concerns for both light and shadow and produces designs that have a modern yet historical perspective.

The Double Lock Standing Seam is a traditional system that has been used historically throughout Europe and America for many years. Seams can also be mitred into cladding pans for a seamless, flashingless design. Many modern building designs now incorporate the double lock standing seam system.

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Metal cladding/roofing and especially lengthy flat-span sheet-metal panels often will exhibit waviness, commonly referred to as “oil-canning.” The degree of oil-canning and the appearance of the panels will vary depending on factors such as the length and colour of the panels, alloy, gauge, substrate condition and exposure to sunlight. Oil-canning pertains to aesthetics and not the performance of the panels and is not controlled by the contractor. 

The type of metal roofing panels specified can affect the degree of oil-canning. Euroclad is not responsible for oil-canning or aesthetics. Oil-canning shall not be grounds to withhold payment or reject panels of the type specified. For more information please contact Euroclad.


Roofing and Cyclonic areas

  • Traditional wide 50mm batten cap for enhanced shadow effects
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically on walls
  • Available from 3degs roof pitch through to vertical
  • Concealed clips and fastener
  • 40mm continuous air gap must be beneath the plywood substate for ventilation
  • Proctor breathable roof shield fixed to outer plywood substate
  • Double Locked Standing Seam roofing is installed on a minimum 18mm plywood substate (‘other’ substates are available for building with strict fire codes)
  • Concealed clips and fasteners attached directly into plywood substate.
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Euroclad is the industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Zinc. Our master craftsmen rely on a combination of traditional European skills and state-of-the-art technology to match metal and its correct application.

Working with Euroclad, you benefit from Euroclad's flexibility in design, location, and environmental sustainability. With our Arundel facility, we offer complete façade and roof systems, and manufacture all our products in-house for fast turnaround and leading professional service.

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