Vibrance Collection -Vibrance by Moon seeks to invoke the fun and charm of the vibrant carnival cities which many of the designs are named after-a captivating and dynamic ensemble that aims to infuse energy, vivacity, and a sense of joy into living spaces. Much as every city has its unique culture, colours, and festivities, so does each design as it captures the spirit of the city it was inspired by, creating a collection so rich in inspiration. Join us on a journey through the carnival cities of the world in a celebration of diverse colour palettes, pattern and texture to create an atmosphere that is lively and full of life. It celebrates the idea that living spaces can be not only functional but also vibrant, dynamic, and a true reflection of one's personality and zest for life.

  • Category
    Upholstery, Curtain Fabrics, Dining Chairs
  • Range
  • Brand
    Abraham Moon
  • Year
  • Extras
    • With footrest
    • With integrated cushion
  • Room/Use
    • Restaurant chairs
    • Reception chairs
    • Garden chairs
  • Seat height
  • Country of origin
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential

Perfect for Curtains, Romans, Upholstery and Cushions both commercial and residential use.

Scope of use

Whether used in a modern urban apartment, a coastal home, or a period property, the collection adapts to different settings while maintaining its lively character.


With an array of bold and saturated colours such as azure blues, fiery orange, lush greens, and deep purples that work together harmoniously as well as in isolation to create a visually stimulating and energetic ambiance. Vibrance is an immersive experience, offering a departure from the ordinary, encouraging a bold and spirited approach to interiors and designed to be versatile, seamlessly integrating into a variety of interior styles.

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