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D&D Technologies are the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of premium gate latches, locks and hinges. Established in 1989, the D&D Technologies’ range of quality gate hardware products is designed to protect your loved ones by safeguarding your swimming pool, home, garden and perimeter gates and fences. We also offer heavy-duty gate hardware for commercial, industrial and automated gates.

The installation of a new gate is an important decision, regardless of whether it is for residential, industrial, commercial or child safety applications. In general, gate latches and hinges make up just 1% of the total cost of a fencing installation… but it makes the other 99% function effectively.  The operation, construction (materials used), quality, weight, functionality, footprint and security are just some of the variations to consider when making an informed decision about gate hardware. 

For over 30 years, D&D Technologies has been developing gate-closing systems you can trust, with state-of-the-art manufacturing, quality testing and, most importantly, products backed by a guarantee to always perform to their intended use. We have over 300 Hi-Performance gate hardware solutions. 

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