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With eXperience ONE, you can control your homes environment, entertainment, and security with the simple press of a button. Experience the future of smart home control today!

Smart Home Integrators

What if you could control everything in your home with the simple press of a button? Whether you’re purchasing your first home or the next in a long portfolio , the future is already here with eXperience ONE smart homes.

Smart homes may seem like advanced technology or the homes of the future, but they’ve been in the works for a long time. And as the technology has developed over the last several decades, eXperience ONE has long been at the forefront pushing it to new heights of innovation.

We have a team of professional, competent and highly-trained staff members who have been working with smart technology for a very long time. Our staff work in the aged and disability care, luxury marine craft and audio visual industries. We know what it takes to not only entertain people and provide them with creature comforts, but to establish a comfortable place for them to live as well.

After all, the definition of a Smart Home is: A home in which some or all of its technologies are connected to a single control platform to simplify use of the home and increase its functionality and convenience, performing functions that enhance the lifestyle of its occupants. The more technologies connected, the smarter the home can become.

Our Commitment to Our Craft

It’s estimated that the average Australian home currently has 24 IoT connected devices with an expected jump to 36 devices by 2024. With so many smart devices flooding the consumer market, the demand to integrate them into one platform, one controller, ONE eXperience, is higher than ever! We’re fully committed to make every home smart and firmly believe technology integration must be designed into the home initially.

CEDIA is the international trade association of companies that specialise in designing and installing electronic systems for the home and is the leading global authority representing the home technology market. We’re proud and very active CEDIA members. The majority of our sales/design team are committed to multiple CEDIA working groups, tasked with developing; design and installation standards, curriculum and certifications, NDIS/SDA standards and CPD courseware for architects and builders. 

Our Promise to Our Clients

eXperience ONE promises to manage every aspect of your smart home from the initial planning right through to follow-up queries and concerns. We remotely manage your smart home system and receive automatic updates so that if there are any problems we can sort them out before they interfere with your day.

We also offer automatic Wi-Fi updates so you never have to worry about your internet slowing you down with buffering or failing to work when you need it.

We will organise your smart home to be streamlined and free of clutter. Cables strewn across the floor and not knowing which of the five remotes to use will quickly become a thing of the past. From now on you can control everything with a simple touchscreen including an audio and video system that integrates seamlessly with all of your preferred streaming services.

With decades of experience in smart technology and home automation, eXperience ONE promises to provide the best, the most efficient and the most reliable smart homes on the market.

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